Burn Up W

Title:Burn Up W
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Notables: NEGISHI Hiroshi
Original Concept - Oh! Great
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
A group of female cops wear oddly revealing uniforms and fight crime in unconventional methods, like bungee jumping nude out of helicopters. I'm not making this up.

There appears to be some criminals operating in Tokyo that are more trouble than the normal police can handle. So the police call in their special forces called the Warriors. Each Warrior appears to be a master of their chosen Specialty (Ex:Maya is a weapons expert) and different ones are called up depending on the problem (Though Rio usually is involved).

[OVA, 1996, 4 episodes, 28 min]
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Watch 7 7 6 8 7 7 Dreamer [series:263#2279]
I really enjoyed the whole "You're Under Arrest" series so I picked this one up hoping it would be something similar.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Considering this was produced back in 1996 (or released), the artwork still isn't that bad. If you've seen the "YUA series, this is similar in terms of looks. Althought I might say this series seemed slightly better.... very slightly. Character designs weren't too bad.... especially our female characters with their voluptuous assets... lol.

The OP/ED was a cool sounding 80-90's piece with female vocal. Come to think of it, wow, it's soooo 80's! I say interesting since It's nice hearing an old piece from this period... having grown up in this era. The second ED was actually a good lighter alternative piece.... still from the 80's era. Sounds like it was a slight revised take on the first OP/ED. But I liked it! As for the soundtrack... nothing to mention here.

Series and Episode Story
I've never seen any other Burn Up series or OVA. So this is my first. For my first experience, I must say that it wasn't too bad. This series... or at least this set of OVAs is mostly slapstick humor and contains some fan service. As for the plot, we do have a bit of one that spans all 4 OVAs.... which actually made the show a bit more enjoyable.... and gives you something to look forward to aside from simply all humor.

Overall, it's a fun series to watch purely for the humor and light fan service. If you like "YUA, you'll probably enjoy this.

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Rent Forbin [series:263#1573]
Hmmm....Either they really cleaned up the DVD version of this or I'm just a fan of large breasts flying around. (Or both!) Or the fact that I just watched HyperDoll and this is so much better.
This is the OVA for the Burn Up Series. (Burn Up, Burn Up Excess and Burn Up Scamble)
Yes, there is a ton of fan service (Mostly Rio). There is almost 0 nudity which did surprise me. The entire cast is devoted to Comedy except for a couple of members.
But as a Action / Light Drama / Comedy I would rate it a rent because it actually has a real plot. All 4 episodes of this OVA have a plot that follows each episode (Though the first 2 are just comedy) and it leaves you at the end wanting to see Burn Up Excess and find out where the crooks are going.

Last updated Saturday, December 25 2004. Created Saturday, December 25 2004.
Watch 7 7 8 5 2 Midnighter [series:263#94]
Well, it wasn't bad enough to get an avoid rating, but Burn Up W isn't that good. If you have the opportunity to watch it for free, hey, go for it. Just don't pay money for it...
The character designs were pretty good, unique looking and interesting. That's about only good thing about W. The story is sexist drivel, and pretty unconvincing drivel at that. Still, fanboys will have plenty to enjoy, with the women in impossibly tight uniforms (how do they even move in those things, much less stop criminals?)
Once again, ADV films has proven that they are the scum of the anime distributing market, charging 25-30 dollars for 30 minutes per tape. This series from "the makers of Tenchi Muyo!"
never ceases to disappoint.

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