Burn-Up Scramble

Title:Burn-Up Scramble
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Notables: Animation - AIC Spirits
Original Concept - Oh! Great
R1 License - Pioneer (Defunct)
In yet another redo of the entire Burn Up series, we have Scramble. This actually trims down the force to just Rio (Same as always), Maya (Gun girl but is very robotic), and Lilica (Very timid psychic girl). They take the others and move them into different roles (Like the guy is now the captain) but leave their personalities intact. (He still likes Rio a lot).

12 TV Episodes
Animation by AIC

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Rent Forbin [series:1434#1573]
This one is a lot more intelligent than Warrior or Excess. The animation is top notch and with only 3 girls on the team it is much easier to follow. Also it leans less on the ecchi and more on the pantsu side of things.

More after I spend more time with a proper review.

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