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Burn Up W
Watch A group of female cops wear oddly revealing uniforms and fight crime in unconventional methods, like bungee jumping nude out of helicopters. I'm not making this up.

Master of Mosquiton

When teenaged tomb raider Innaho resurrects an undead vampire, the result is an incredible adventure that starts in 1920's London and takes off for the stars. Beautiful heiress Innaho wants to stay young forever. But when she awakens Mosquiton, becoming a vampire is the last thing on her mind. Instead she forces her unwilling, undead servant to help her find the O-Part, a legendary device that bestows eternal life on the holder. Unfortunately, there are other supernatural beings seeking the O-Part, and when a mysterious pyramid appears in London, a desperate race begins with the O-Part as the prize!


Saber Marionette R

Junior-sama, prince of Romana, and his marionettes Cherry and Lime are enjoying a festival when Junior's brother Star Face and his Sexadolls take over the kingdom. Now the three of them, aided by the king's bodyguard Bloodberry, are on the run. They must stop Face and save the king.

Tenchi Forever Buy See Tenchi Muyou! in Love 2: Haruka naru omoi

Tenchi Muyou! in Love
Buy The Galaxy Police Headquarters is destroyed, in a desperate reply for help the only word heard was Kain. Back on Earth, Tenchi and the gang are watching clips of his departed mother when all of a sudden she disappears from the film. Not only that but Tenchi himself starts to disappear as the whole world changes in front of their eyes. Has something happened to Tenchi's mother? Who is this Kain and what is his involvement in this new present? What cataclysmic effect can this have not only on Tenchi but everybody? The Masaki household must embark on a journey to the year 1970 to solve this problem and save the future.

Tenchi Muyou! in Love 2: Haruka naru omoi
Buy It is spring and the cherry blossoms are falling. As Tenchi and the rest clean up the shrine grounds, Ryoko and Ayeka get into a fight over a rake. Tenchi attempts to stop them from fighting but instead has Ayeka demand that he choose herself and Ryoko. Ryoko agrees and rather than make a choice, Tenchi runs away to the woods where he litterally disappears into a tree.
Tenchi the Movie Buy See Tenchi Muyou! in Love
Tenchi The Movie 3: Tenchi Forever Buy See Tenchi Muyou! in Love 2: Haruka naru omoi
SMガールズ セイバーマリオネットR Watch See Saber Marionette R

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