Master of Mosquiton

Title:Master of Mosquiton
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Notables: AKAHORI Satoru
KOYASU Takehito
NEYA Michiko
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
R1 License - Media Blasters

When teenaged tomb raider Innaho resurrects an undead vampire, the result is an incredible adventure that starts in 1920's London and takes off for the stars. Beautiful heiress Innaho wants to stay young forever. But when she awakens Mosquiton, becoming a vampire is the last thing on her mind. Instead she forces her unwilling, undead servant to help her find the O-Part, a legendary device that bestows eternal life on the holder. Unfortunately, there are other supernatural beings seeking the O-Part, and when a mysterious pyramid appears in London, a desperate race begins with the O-Part as the prize!

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6 Episodes, 20min Each

Originally R1 licensed, dubbed and released in VHS mode by ADV, which never re-released the show in DVD format. However the rights were purchased by Media Blasters (complete with dub), who have done so.

R1 : 2 Discs

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Watch 7 7 7 6 7 7 Dreamer [series:602#2279]
Here we have a comedy that entertains but somewhere along the road, get's a bit repetitive. And not sure if "horror" or "dark" would be good keywords to use. Surely "dark" is way off since there's nothing dark about this one.

Art, Animation & Character Designs
Artwork isn't the greatest and I think it was on par with the average anime around the time (release date). Colors were washed out but that probably was mainly due to the fact that it would have been released on VHS. Oh ya, remember that format? LOL. Character designs weren't bad and showed it's age as well.

The OP showed it's age too. Well, it was produced or released back in '96, so you can imagine the style of music. It wasn't all that bad really. It was a pop piece with female vocals. The soundtrack had music one would expect from horror flicks or b-rated movies.

Series and Episode Story
At first, I didn't think it was that great. I struggled through the first two or three episodes before It started to catch my interest. First off, our protagonist "Innaho", was really irrating & annoying. Her counterpart, "Mosquiton" was too much of a push-over. But they worked perfect together for the series. While the idea of traveling between time, dimensions and worlds while treasure hunting and looking for this "O-part" seemed fun and entertaining, it actually got old pretty quickly. I think they could have told the tale in far less episodes.

The plot leading up to the conclusion just didn't work for me. We know that Innaho is a greedy little bi** but c'mon, I think it was a little too much the way the writers pulled it off. It didn't seem plausible. But in the end, we get a happy little ending regardless.

Overall, it was sorta entertaining. There was plenty of humor and wacky moments, so there were a few good laughs. As for "horror", doesn't quite fit. I mean, we "do" have vampires, wolves and whatever, but they were nothing more that character types.

Last updated Friday, December 10 2010. Created Friday, December 10 2010.
Rent Forbin [series:602#1573]
Drama : Med
Comedy : High
Action : Med
SciFi : High
Ecchi : Med

I got this expecting to watch another Maze type OVA. Well I was surprised, this was pretty good considering the girl Inaho is SO annoying. But she grows on you and this turns out to be a funny little OVA about a girl who wants to live forever and her boyfriend Vampire.

Last updated Friday, June 17 2005. Created Friday, June 17 2005.
Rent Stretch [series:602#628]
How often do you see the keyword "Comedy" along with "Horror", "Dark", and "Supernatural"? I am not a particular fan of horror Anime, and had no interest in this series until by chance I stumbled upon someone's list of his ten favorite comedy Anime series, and to my surprise Master of Mosquiton was one of them! This is in fact a sort of parody of the standard Vampire movie. Mosquiton is not your everyday vampire--he is in fact only 1/4 vampire, and has sworn off evil. But he still possesses awesome powers and can be quite terrifying when provoked. The VHS tape jacket sums up the relationship between Innaho and "Moskie" fairly well: "He's a vampire... And she's a pain in the neck!". Not exactly a masterpiece, but lots of dumb, corny fun nevertheless. This series definitely contains a mixed bag of different styles, emotions, and levels of quality. At a couple points during various episodes I found myself feeling embarassed to be watching cheap, vulgar, slapstick humor--even though I was the only person in the room! On the other hand, certain moments were genuinely hilarious. Episode four contained fairly gratuitous nudity--not that I'm complaining, mind you. The series could be quite touching and sentimental at times, as details of the charachters' pasts are revealed. A brilliant stroke was the inclusion of Camille, Mosquiton's wife from 300-odd years ago, and a vampire herself. The plot takes shape in a fairly sensible and satisfying way over the course of the six episodes. It turns out that with regard to the "O-Part" far more is at stake than Innaho's eternal youth. The mysterious "Starlords" are revealed to be behind a disturbing scheme which will spell catastrophe for planet Earth if it succeeds. Ironically, it will be up to the one "good vampire", Mosquiton, plus Innaho and their friends, to save the day. There was one moment in the climactic battle that gave me a genuine thrill, which is no small achievement. As is all too often the case, I could not tell exactly why things ended up the way they did (what happened to the Starlords, for one), but I commend the series' makers for ending the final scene as they did, instead of taking the easy way out.

P.S., I liked the music, too.


P.P.S: After rereading this review as I revamped (Ha! a Joke, completely by accident!) my reviews, the thought occured to me to rewatch this series, since it's only six episodes, after all. I couldn't remember whether my VHS tapes were subbed or dubbed; the very first scene, as Innaho, alone, finds her way into Mosqie's tomb, goes without any actual dialogue for awhile, just grunting and sighing and so forth. Yet somehow I could tell that these were English grunts and sighs, and I was right--go figure!

Last updated Thursday, March 13 2008. Created Friday, June 27 2003.

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