Master of Mosquiton 99'

Title:Master of Mosquiton 99'
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Notables: KOYASU Takehito

Inaho may seem nice in school, but when she gets home she turns into a spoiled, greedy, brat. With one goal in life, to get richer and richer, she makes a blood contract with a vampire named Mosquiton. They then get mixed up in a mission to travel to ancient lands and find treasures called O-Parts.

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Avoid Jenn-chan [series:145#31]
Yuck. I've only seen 4 episodes of this, and I don't plan on getting anymore. What I expected was a hilarious tale of a girl and her vampire, and what I took away was a bunch of slapstick and stupid jokes that weren't even funny. Heck, I don't give a rat's booty about any of the characters (Mosquition is a slight exception), and the story is far from interesting. Skip this and go for the OVAs.

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