Hadashi no Gen 2

Title:Hadashi no Gen 2
Barefoot Gen 2
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Notables: Animation - Madhouse
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Three years have passed since the bombing of Hiroshima and Gen is now a fourth-grader. Hiroshima is still a ruin, and Gen must scrounge for scrap metal to help keep himself and his remaining family fed, but at least commerce has returned to the land. As his mother gradually grows ill from radiation sickness, Gen and Ryuta befriend a group of orphans led by a tough-nosed older child and including a girl who still bears ugly burn scars from the day of the bomb. An old man suffering from depression is also drawn into the group as they come together to support each other and form a makeshift family. Reality is still harsh, however, as many orphans still die lonely deaths and the grim reminders of what happened linger everywhere.
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Film sequel to Hadashi no Gen released on June 14, 1986.
Animated by Madhouse Studios
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Rent 8 7 7 5 7 Ggultra2764 [series:2606#1552]
Following up on the first movie, Barefoot Gen 2 explores Gen's life three years after the nuclear bomb drop on Hiroshima in World War II. While nowhere as graphic as the first film with its content, Barefoot Gen 2 still believably portrays a Japan still recovering from the aftermath of the war with American military occupancy, civilians still suffering from the effects of radiation from the bomb, children left orphaned after the loss of their families who are forced to survive on their own and much of the city still being quite in shambles from the bombing. Gen finds himself befriending a group of orphans and dealing with his mother falling terminally ill from the radiation of the bomb. Like the first movie though, Barefoot Gen 2 carries some of the same issues I had with the first one as comical moments and overdramatization often get in the way of the movie's more serious moments. The animation to the movie is improved having smoother looking scenery and character designs, though the music still doesn't mesh too well with the movie's serious developments. If you enjoyed the first Barefoot Gen movie and have interest in learning more about Japan's history in post-World War II, this sequel to the movie is worth a look.

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