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Title Rating Synopsis
Barefoot Gen 2 Rent See Hadashi no Gen 2

Hadashi no Gen 2
Rent Three years have passed since the bombing of Hiroshima and Gen is now a fourth-grader. Hiroshima is still a ruin, and Gen must scrounge for scrap metal to help keep himself and his remaining family fed, but at least commerce has returned to the land. As his mother gradually grows ill from radiation sickness, Gen and Ryuta befriend a group of orphans led by a tough-nosed older child and including a girl who still bears ugly burn scars from the day of the bomb. An old man suffering from depression is also drawn into the group as they come together to support each other and form a makeshift family. Reality is still harsh, however, as many orphans still die lonely deaths and the grim reminders of what happened linger everywhere.
Heaven and Earth Rent See Tenjou Tenge
Rescue Wings Buy See Yomigaeru Sora ~Rescue Wings~
Tenjho Tenge Rent See Tenjou Tenge
Tenjo Tenge Rent See Tenjou Tenge

Tenjou Tenge
Rent Nagi Souichirou and best friend, Bob, are both tough street fighters, but when they transfer to a new high school, they get their a**es kicked by the local gangs. They find out that their new high school is dedicated to refounding the martial arts, and combat ability is rated higher than academic skills. And what is with the cute Natsume Aya, who has decided to become his girlfriend (without even bothering to ask him)? But Souichirou is a glutton for punishment, with a fighting spirit that cannot be kept down for long.
Yomigaeru Sora -Rescue Wings- Buy See Yomigaeru Sora ~Rescue Wings~

Yomigaeru Sora ~Rescue Wings~
Buy JSDAF Second Lieutenant Uchida Kazuhiro wanted to be was a fighter pilot and fly at supersonic speeds in the stratosphere. But he faces a harsh reality, and during the pilot training he was transferred to the rescue helicopter course. Now, he is serving with the Komatsu Rescue Squad. At first he is dispirited because he has been assigned to this position that he didn’t wish for. But taking part in various missions, such as rescuing victims of airplane accidents, persons missing in the mountains, survivors of earthquakes, and so forth, he gradually comes to think that being a rescue helicopter pilot is a challenging and rewarding job. But how will he balance this new career and his romance with his girlfriend, Megumi?
はだしのゲン2 Rent See Hadashi no Gen 2
よみがえる空 -RESCUE WINGS- (Japanese) Buy See Yomigaeru Sora ~Rescue Wings~
天上天下 Rent See Tenjou Tenge

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