Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai

Title:Dakara Boku wa, H ga Dekinai
So, I Can't Play H!
だから僕は、Hができない。 (Japanese)
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Ryosuke Kaga is a thoroughly perverted teenager who finds that his life has been tentatively saved by the grim reaper Risara Restole. Although she could do much better, she needs a human assistant and Ryosuke gets the job.

12 episodes

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Unevaluated Devil Doll [series:2603#752]
This won't be a review for the time being, just a note.

I happened to watch a few episodes of this show in random order, and my impression is that this show has more high fantasy and drama that the first episodes would make you expect, and the romance element gets increasingly important in the last third of the show. This isn't on a high rank for me to watch it completely but I might return to it one day.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:2603#628]
(Four-and-a-half episodes watched)

It was the liberty which a fansubbing group took with translating the title of this show which caught my eye. Surely a show called 'So, I can't f--- her' would be more concerned with giving viewers a boner than making them laugh. That is true, but the show doesn't seem to be outright hentai (which I had feared might be the case), and saves some of it's effort for humor. The jokes made me laugh a couple times, and the plot seems to have a little more to it than most shows of this sort. I watched episode two first, by the way. The usual female childhood friend of protagonist Ryosuke quickly discovers what's going on, which seemed unusual. There's a betrayal, too. Ryosuke isn't a jerk, though he freely admits his perversity, and Risara seems pretty tsundere. Wouldn't it be awesome if just once a trademark pervert learned a little something about non-carnal love (But what are the odds of that ever happening?)? I must admit that the girls are quite shapely. This show might have enough going for it to be worth watching after all. A major question is whether the quest that Risara is on will make any sense or be particularly interesting.

Episode one was rather sleazy, unfortunately, and if I had watched it first I might well have abandoned the series immediately. The camera focusing on Risara's crotch was uncalled for, for one thing. It's hard to like Ryosuke, who is supposedly very kind to girls yet has a self-admitted boob fetish. His kindness doesn't seem very sincere. And Risara seems rather stereotypical, that is, her personality is identical to those of numerous females with supernatural powers who we have seen in previous series. Perhaps episode three will be better.

Well, I guess Dakara is a show which panders to horny teenage boys in an ugly way, but also contains a little bit of humor and wit. The show could make fun of such people, and to a limited extent it does, but the animated porn gets the lion's share of the effort. Ryosuke has yet to develop much of a personality beyond his lust, while more and more new girls show up to fill out his harem. Hardly brilliant, Dakara will probably end up as a 'Watch'. Every now and then it sneaks a good joke in; otherwise all the asses and tits would make me feel dirty for watching this show and I would quit.

When during week five it came Dakara's turn to be watched, I found that the novelty (such as it was) had largely worn off while the thinly veiled pornography continued to repulse me. I'm sick of attractive girls inexplicably throwing themselves at obnoxious guys, as if they have some sort of duty to do so. Somebody needs to make a series which is a parody of this sub-genre. Risara's mission hardly holds my interest and a decent joke now and then is outweighed by all the disturbing or simply boring aspects of this show. So, I think I will quit Dakara.

My favorite line: "You like boobs that are flat like levelled ground paved with concrete, don't you?" --Ilya

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