Hiiro no Kakera

Title:Hiiro no Kakera
緋色の欠片 (Japanese)
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Notables: MIYAKE Marie
OKANO Kousuke
SUGITA Tomokazu
Tamaki Kasuga has supposedly gone to live with her grandmother after her parents are transferred overseas. But the real reason for her arrival is that she must continue the role, handed down from her ancestor Princess Tamayori, to seal the sword Onikirimaru. Five young men serve as her guardians against the mysterious Logos.
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A Spring 2012 series; with the second season airing from October 2012

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:2547#628]
(Part of one episode watched):

'Please don't be a reverse harem' I said to myself after seeing the Hiiro no Kakera screencatch of five sexy dudes at the very begining of episode one. But that definitely seems to be the direction that this show is headed. At any rate, there's no need for me to wait and be sure; because it became obvious to me right from the first scene involving dialogue that this is going to be a boring show. Crazy stuff happens (like encountering a bizarre creature in a forrest) and this girl Tamaki just shrugs it off. A real person would not accept it so easily, so I cannot identify with her or care much about what happens to her. It only gets worse; nobody seems to have enough personality to be of interest--was a conscious effort made to prevent them from saying or doing anything non-stereotypical enough that I might get a hint of what they really think and feel? What do I care if 'Ghost Gods' exist when the people they threaten are as wooden as this? The first two characters get no original personality at all, and already a third one is introduced. I'm not going to waste my time on this; 14 minutes and 45 seconds was more than enough time to convince me to abandon Hiiro no Kakera.

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Official Website (japanese) http://www.hiironokakera.tv/
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