Crystania no Densetsu

Title:Crystania no Densetsu
Legend of Crystania OAV
The Chaos Ring
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Notables: R1 License - ADV (Renamed)
TACHIKI Fumihiko
The land of Crystania has been at peace, but like a shallow sleep the peace is shattered by nightmares born of the deepest night. The Seals that protect Crystania are coming undone, and the Bell of Wakening tolls on loosing terror after terror upon the people of Crystania. Tornados, basilisks and Dragon Lords roam the land, heralding the return of the Gods' King Barbas. Village after village is destroyed, and the gods of Crystania are next. With their defeated gods in disarray, who can save Crystania from the coming armageddon? With every second the land is scarred more deeply. Only King Ashram, trapped in the World of Chaos, provides a glimmer of hope. But will Redon's innocence and Pirotess's love be enough to provide him with a portal home?

[OVA, 2002, 3 episodes, 42 min]
1:44min Movie Opening - YouTube Video
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Lodoss continent: Northern Island (same setting, different story/characters): Crystania continent (far future, some characters from Lodoss):
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Watch 8 7 5 7 5 6 Devil Doll [series:254#752]
[Score: 60% = Watch]
If you expect this OVA to have anything to do with Record of Lodoss War then prepare for a big disappointment. Maybe I should have watched the Crystania movie first, and I'll probably update this review after I've done so.
But as of now, this OVA provides me characters that have nothing to do with anything I expected, and a storyline that consists of nothing more than senseless butchering, plus some humble humans trying to stop an insane god. This is a "high magic" story that doesn't work - I experienced this before in RG Veda or Angel Sanctuary which both suffer from similar problems. Of course it doesn't help that (apart from Cher) most characters don't impress me that much either.
The story at least doesn't completely fall into chaos as one might have expected from the name of the show, therefore I don't give it an "Avoid" rating. Maybe it will work better when you know the Crystania movie already.

Last updated Saturday, June 14 2008. Created Tuesday, January 11 2005.
Watch 2 2 2 5 7 Kaitou Juliet [series:254#137]

This 6-part series continues the story begun in Legend of Crystania: The Motion Picture and explains some of the things that were only hinted at there. The artwork is marginally better than the movie, or maybe I just got used to it after staring at it long enough, but it's still way under par.

For people who have followed the saga of Ashram and Pirotess from Chronicles of the Heroic Knight, this series provides a satisfying conclusion. (Just try to picture them with the OAV character designs instead!) The new characters' stories aren't finished so much as brought to a stopping place. This is based on a popular series of RPG-based novels in Japan, so there may well be more adventures in book form. I could stand to see more about those characters, but hopefully with better animation.

Bottom line: Lodoss fans should at least watch this series once; casual viewers should probably avoid it unless they are very good at ignoring subpar artwork for the sake of a decent story.

Last updated Monday, February 04 2002. Created Tuesday, February 20 2001.

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