Baby, Please Kill Me!

Title:Baby, Please Kill Me!
Kill Me Baby
キルミーベイベー (Japanese)
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Notables: AKASAKI Chinatsu
TAMURA Mutsumi
Sonya is an assassin attending a normal school. Yasuna is an airhead who follows Sonya around, unaware of how dangerous she is. This adaptation of a 4-panel comic focuses on the adorable ultra-violence that erupts when they try to get along.
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A Winter 2012 series

13 episodes

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(All episodes watched--twice):

There seems to be a trend in my reaction to episode one of new shows: during the first episode the show is at a disadvantage since I probably don't know how it is trying to entertain me--is it trying to be funny, cool, plausibly interesting, or a mix of more than one? Such was the case with the absurd sounding Kill Me Baby. It's easier to find things funny once I know that that was the intention all along. Right from the start, the concept of using silly, SD characters to portray a professional killer and her goofy friend seemed curious, to say the least. How seriously am I supposed to take Sonya's profession as a 'killer'? Has Sonya really killed people? And does Yasuna have no objections to this? If the answers are yes, that would at a stroke cancel out all the cuteness and likeability about them. Fortunately, I found it a lot easier to enjoy episode two and succeeding ones. My objections to Sonya being an assasin had faded away, and I could see this show as what it is: an absurd comedy about situations that will never happen in a million years. There was little violence and once I knew where I stood the jokes were good. I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, and looked forward to more of the same. During episode six it struck me that the laugh-out-load jokes were plentiful and jokes in general were coming fast and furious. This show knows how to be funny. This is genuine comedy, with all sorts of clever touches (like the timing of the jokes), that are missing from many comedy series. When it's at it's best, Kill Me may even be a little better, comedy-wise, than Daily Lives of High School Boys, IMO. The comedy style here is simpler, with less complex jokes, but that doesn't mean that they are any less funny. The jokes are quite funny but rapidly fade from my memory, since there is little longterm plot that needs to be carried on from one episode to the next. Perhaps that only shows how good the comedy is, since there is basically nothing but comedy for the show to rely on. It might also mean that the series could be rewatched numerous times and still be enjoyed just as much as the first. Instead of getting tired of a sorry gimmick, I feel that the humor of Kill Me stays fresh and original. I wish this had been a twenty-sixer. Since it isn't, I began rewatching it.

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