Zero no Tsukaima F

Title:Zero no Tsukaima F
Familiar of Zero F
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After successfully rescuing Tabitha, Saito and gang return to the Magic Academy and their normal, everyday life. However, a secret order from Henrietta sends Saito and Louise to Romalia, with Tiffania also tagging along.

Announced to be the final season of the franchise (ANN announcement) despite less half of the Lite Novels content (10 of 22) has been animated up to now.

[TV series, 2012, 12 episodes, 24 min]
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[edit] The ↗Zero no Tsukaima franchise:
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Rent 8 8 8 7 9 9 Devil Doll [series:2502#752]
[3/12 episodes watched, temporary score: 81% = "Rent+"; on hold until the Static-Subs release for this series will be available]

More of the same, both in terms of boobs scenes and high fantasy adventure. Tiffania is upgraded to a key player, and the background story for this arc sounds promising albeit so little is revealed about the nature of the peril. I'll be watching this series in hope for the adventure part getting enough airtime, and it looks good so far.
  • Episode 01: (0) Several boobs scenes almost got this episode a negative rating; the action sequence was so-so. The best about this episode was Siesta's surprising decision to support her rival in a crucial scene. But the most important scene is left ambiguous despite having the potential of becoming a major story twist.
  • Episode 02: (0+) Events coming thick and fast, both in terms of the underlying story and the triangle; looks like we're going to be in high "Rent" territory. It's strange though how the Pope was so careless as he must know more about the events to come than the whole group of people he invited to his town.
  • Episode 03: (++) Wow! One of the best episodes of the whole franchise. Immense narration speed, explanations for many open questions, lots of development, thus no time for fan-service. This is on par with the first season; please keep it this way!
  • Episode 04: (?)
  • Episode 05: (?)
  • Episode 06: (?)
  • Episode 07: (?)
  • Episode 08: (?)
  • Episode 09: (?)
  • Episode 10: (?)
  • Episode 11: (?)
  • Episode 12: (?)
  • Episode 13: (?)

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