Kämpfer für die Liebe

Title:Kämpfer für die Liebe
Fighter for Love (literal translation)
Kämpfer 2
Kenpufaa 2 (Japanese)
けんぷファー 2
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ANN is reporting that a new Kämpfer series is in the works.

Info: A two-episode special. They are designated as Episode 13 and 14, and the first episode is a direct sequel to the previous series and the second episode is about the trans-sex of Natsuru. Senou Natsuru, an average second year high school guy, has been chosen by the Moderators to be a Kampfer. Kampfers are given a bracelet to activate their powers and fight the enemy. Also, Kampfers can only be girls, so upon activating, a guy would turn into a girl.

News: 1 of 2 Kämpfer für die Liebe Episodes Will Not Air Source.

1:00 min trailer Youtube video. Also another trailer on the official site.

Release dates: 2011-05-25 (Japan Blu-Ray & DVD)

See earlier season - Kämpfer

Animation Production by Nomad.
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:2367#628]
(Both episodes watched):

Episode 13 slightly advances the main plot, with the idea that Sakura might be a 'Moderator'. But if it was ever explained what a Moderator is, I have long ago forgotten it. Kampfer in general makes little attempt to tell an engaging story (which is a shame) and instead focuses on the action, fanservice and comedy. Otherwise, no major questions are answered in episode 13 and one can only assume that the story is far from over. Yet no major question are answered (like who created Kampfers in the first place), and there is no sign of a second season. For the most part, episode 13 is little more than a kinky fanservice show with little or no long-term plot development. It's the sleaziness which sticks in my mind, not the revelation of a plot detail. Episode 14 made no effort to develop the main plotline at all, included no Kampfer combat at all, and instead was a gender-bending situation comedy. This one however, was fairly funny, and while I was hoping for some additional development of the main plot I won't complain too much because I got a number of good laughs out of this one. Natsuru and Akane take part-time jobs in the suspicious 'Pure Cafe of Love and Dreams', and as one might expect things get comically suggestive. This is good fanservice, with enough laughs to justify the skimpy outfits, nudity, etc, and embarassing situations coming about for more-or-less plausible reasons, instead of the usual show which pretends to include comedy but in fact isn't funny at all and is just using fanservice as a cheap substitute for comic talent. This episode was, if anything, even funnier than I remember the original series being. It did almost get kind of ugly once or twice (leg massage scene), but didn't really cross the line and recovered quickly (locker room scene). You know that something is going to happen when Akane remains in her shy librarian state almost all the way to the end. So, Kampfer fdL was a mixed bag, part of which made me hope we might not have seen the end of Kampfer, and part of it sort of making me wish that we have.

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