Green Legend Ran

Title:Green Legend Ran
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Notables: R1 License - Geneon (Defunct)
In a post-apocalyptic Earth, strange monoliths have sapped nearly all the world's supply of water turning the planet into a vast desert. A fanatic religious cult called the Rodoists worship the monoliths as gods and have complete control over the limited resources that remain on the Earth while a group of militant revolutionaries called the Hazard are against the control of the Rodoists. Ran is the main protagonist of this story as wishes to seek out a man with a scar on his chest as revenge for the murder of his mother. He joins up with Hazard and meets up with a strange silver-haired girl named Aira whom he must later rescue from both Hazard and Rodoist forces wishing to use her for their own ends.

(1992, OAV, 3 episodes, 45 min. each)
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Post-apocalyptic anime titles are nothing new for me since I've seen several past titles depicting worlds where man's pollution put an end to our modern era. Green Legend Ran feels no different as there are enough cliches to this story approach I have seen from past watches. There's a fanatic dictatorship controlling the planet's limited resources. There's the resistance force trying to oppose said dictatorship. And we have our stubborn, thick-headed hero trying to save a damsel in distress whose unique abilities are an asset to the main villain's plans. It doesn't help things out that the character designs are plain looking and the hard-pumping music is very intrusive to this OAV's more intense moments. The big thing that Green Legend Ran has going for it are the nice number of plot twists that occur throughout the series. This did a decent job at giving me some suspense over what would happen next and trying to figure out whether or not any new character introduced was trustworthy.

Green Legend Ran isn't bad by any means as the story did well enough to make me watch the entire 2+ hour length of the OAV series. But being riddled with enough cliches, it doesn't have much that makes it stand out from other post-apocalyptic titles I've come across. It's not a title I'd be wanting to come back and watch anytime soon.

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