Kannagi (OVA)

Title:Kannagi (OVA)
Crazy Shrine Maidens (OVA)
Kannagi:Crazy Shrine Maidens (OVA)
かんなぎ (OVA)
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The art club president, Takako, finds $100,000 Yen (about $1,000) and decides that the money should be spent on making a school movie. While making the movie, a typhoon blows in and disrupts the evenings events, at least until they realize that a DVD they rented as study material is over due. Not wanting to pay any late fees, they all decide to brave the storm on a sacred mission to return the DVD to the rental shop.......

A 14th unaired episode of the Kannagi will be included on the 7th DVD volume of the TV series and will ship on May 27th, '09. The title of this episode will be 'Moshimo Kannagi ga Attara'.

A 30-second promo has been released (as of April 22nd '09)

OVA sequel to Kannagi
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Watch 8 7 6 7 7 7 Devil Doll [series:2108#752]
[Score: 68% = "Watch"; similar story: some parts of the Ichigo 100% TV universe]

A light-hearted side story, completely ignoring the "kami" nature of Nagi and Zange. As such, it works better than the TV series, focusing on the comedy part and making fun of things like melodrama film making.

Despite a downgrade for the non-existent Character development I gave this OVA 1 point more than the series.

Last updated Wednesday, October 12 2011. Created Wednesday, October 12 2011.
Watch 8 7 8 7 5 Ggultra2764 [series:2108#1552]
This is really just a bonus filler episode for Kannagi fans to check out. There's nothing new it offers plotwise. It's a decent treat for Kannagi fans who enjoyed the TV series. But beyond that, you won't be missing on much with this OAV.

Last updated Friday, September 11 2009. Created Friday, September 11 2009.
Rent 7 5 7 7 7 AstroNerdBoy [series:2108#436]
Ah, it has been far too long since I had some Kannagi goodness. Hearing the OP, I was reminded of how good I found this series. There REALLY needs to be a sequel series to this you know. I digress.

Anyway, I will say that while this episode was funny with its different moments and stuff (and I even liked the parody of adventure stories), it wasn't the best episode of the series. The movie filming stuff was kind of boring and a drag but the adventure afterward and some of the elements prior to the movie were good stuff. As such, I'll focus on that.

The funny stuff started with Takako and Shino finding the money -- just the look on their faces let me know that good things were around the corner and sure enough, Takako's brief loss of self-control when getting the art club members to go for making a movie was funny. Of course the sudden rain shower was funny as was Takako's decision to have everyone don swimsuits. Yeah, we have the traditional breast jokes, but the fact that Nagi was so oblivious to her own small size I think is what ended up making the joke funny for me (in addition to that saxophone music used). Funnier still were the guys in swimsuits forgetting about personal space as they became engrossed in their old school video game. ^_^;;;

Next would be Nagi's use of her baton during the power outage as a light source. I couldn't help but remember her other uses of the baton for a light and it still cracks me up. This of course leads to the adventure parody with the unexpected (and yet expected) events that result in Jin and Nagi making it to the video store. I just laughed and laughed by this point.

There was one other negative element to this episode though -- I thought the animation was pretty bad at times and the whole thing felt as if it were done of the cheap. That was disappointing but fortunately the other good stuff overcame the bad. I think the remarks the art club made about how bad their movie looked and the budget problems are in fact remarks about how this episode looked. However, with Takako finding a larger pile of money, maybe that's a hint at a desire to create a 2nd series. I hope so.

Bottom line: The good outweighed the bad in this episode for me. If you enjoyed the laughs of Kannagi before, I think you'll enjoy them here as well.

Last updated Friday, September 11 2009. Created Friday, September 11 2009.
Watch Jan-Chan [series:2108#967]
Weak.... lame... vapid.... pointless.....

Whereas I really enjoyed the Kannagi series, this episode is just an empty filler story intended to allow fans to see more of their favorite characters, but in an episode without any real plot, story or focus. GACK!!! At one point, everyone ends up wearing bathing suits ... indoors at school ... at night .... with a typhoon raging outside .... GACK!!!

If you are really a fan of the series, then this might rate as high as a WATCH. But if you choose to AVOID this episode, then you will not be missing anything.

Last updated Thursday, September 10 2009. Created Thursday, September 10 2009.

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