Kodomo no Jikan: Ni Gakki

Title:Kodomo no Jikan: Ni Gakki
こどものじかん 2学期
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OVA sequel to Kodomo no Jikan. Unknown # of episodes, with the first OVA DVD to be release on Feb 20th, 2009.

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Avoid Stretch [series:1980#628]
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For a long time I found it hard to believe that Lolicon and pedophilia were really any more commonplace in Japan than anywhere else, but watching this show makes me wonder. The very first scene left me with a queesy feeling, and the OP sequence, which employed the tactic of showing the girls' loose blouses blowing about to give glimpses of their flat, childlike chests, suggests that this really might be a serious problem. Having watched the TV series I had very low expectations but was hoping that this might represent a radical improvement. Actually, I was under the impression that this was the first episode of a second season of the TV series, and seeing that it is in fact an OVA is something of a relief--at least serious lolicon isn't so widespread that shows about it would be broadcast to the general public! The background artwork is actually pretty nice at times, but there were very few laughs and far more sexual innuendo than even school comedies dealing with randy teenagers. There are still the usual unrealistic emotions by shallow, difficult to like characters. For example, Kokonoe acts like a harlot most of the time, yet Aoki-sensei feels guilty for failing to predict a good deed on her part, even though he didn't yell at her or anything. Back when I still thought that this was part of a new TV series, I concluded that I'd had enough after one episode.

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