California Crisis Tsuigeki no Juka

Title:California Crisis Tsuigeki no Juka
California Crisis: Gun Salvo
カリフォルニア・クライシス 追撃の銃火 (Japanese)
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Notables: TOMINAGA Miina
Noera is heading towards work after drinking all night with a friend when he meets Marcia, a young biker heading towards Los Angeles. They abruptly get involved in a car chase and Marcia ends up retrieving a locked metal box from one of the pursued vehicles. Within it, a dark sphere. Many people want the orb at any cost forcing Noera and Marcia to desperately run away while trying to figure out what exactly is the strange object they are carrying.

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1 OVA episode, 45 minutes.
"追撃" (tsuigeki) = pursuit; "銃火" (juka) = gunfire
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Rent Stretch [series:1978#628]
This was a neat show which had distinctive artwork and snazzy music--it really felt like a genuine effort was being made to give a 'California' feel to it. It began with some serious dialogue, which was encouraging since the characters weren't being left two-dimensional. We learn just enough about Noera and Marsha to like them. A knife fight to the tune of rock music was pretty cool. Crazy stuff happens in a fun way--it would have been easy for this show to wind up corny or predictable, but the story takes off running, grabs the viewer's interest, and holds it to the end. Clearly, CC was made back in the days when some genuine talent and effort was devoted to OVAs. The problem was that the ending seemed pretty meagre to me, as if plans for a somewhat longer show had been scrubbed and a hasty conclusion had been thrown together to wrap things up. For instance, Noera running into an old friend was a neat touch, except not much was done with it. Seeing what had happened between the two of them seemed to me like an excellent build-up to an ironic and tragic realization by the characters themselves--but that didn't happen, this was as far as it went. Perhaps the idea was that we viewers would be touched, even if the two of them don't figure it out; I don't know. I hope what happened to the globe at the end wasn't supposed to add a brilliant moral to the story, because it didn't make a whole lot of sense to me and I wasn't particularly moved. But California Crisis was a fun show nevertheless, and I'm glad I didn't miss it. I wish more shows of this sort would get made. I'm sure I'll be rewatching this now and then.

My favorite line: "How am I supposed to know about that?! My bike's done for, and I'm really pissed, that's all!" --Marsha

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