Kimikiss Pure Rouge (DVD) - Special

Title:Kimikiss Pure Rouge (DVD) - Special
Kimikiss Pure Rouge - Special (love fighter)
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The love crisis of Kuryuu Megumi! As a member of the school morals committee, Megumi greets all of the students at the school entrance every morning to make certain their appearance complies with the school rules. When she complains to Hiiragi about the other students not following the school rules, he laughs and tries to explain that 'its all about love'. The students are all dressing up for a chance at a high school romance. The romantically clueless Megumi just can't understand how Hiiragi could give such an answer, but it does start her wondering about what kind of boy she might be interested in.....

A special 23min episode (included as part of the DVD release of the series) whose events take place somewhere around the middle of the series (the romance movie was suggested by Hoshino in episode 8).

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Watch 5 6 7 6 5 Ggultra2764 [series:1953#1552]
You're not missing out on much for this special considering we get focus on a character who hardly had any relevance within the Kimikiss TV series in the form of the prefect gal. The visuals and music quality aren't much different from the TV anime. Beyond that, there's little else for me to point out. Unless you're a sap for the TV anime or dating sim game the series is based on, you can skip this special without any care for it.

Last updated Tuesday, January 15 2013. Created Tuesday, January 15 2013.
Watch 8 8 7 7 6 7 Devil Doll [series:1953#752]
[Score: 70% = "Watch"]

A side-story about a character who has her no significant effect in the whole series; all important series characters have just one cameo appearance. Despite Kuryuu's pondering about her love life isn't really bad it just has too little of everything - most notably story and character development.

Last updated Tuesday, September 07 2010. Created Tuesday, September 07 2010.
Rent Stretch [series:1953#628]
I think it's safe to say that any show which leaves the viewer wanting to know more about even the supporting characters has done something right--that was the effect I felt when I learned the premise of this KPR special. I was expecting something unusual, and my memory had been blurred since the run of the original series ended, but an identical OP sequence left me saying to myself, oh yeah, I know these people. In a sense, this was sort of a refresher course as Megumi asks each of the usual characters about their opinions about romance. I was wondering which guy she would wind up attracted to; let's just say that there's a bit of a surprise at the end. There were no LOL incidents, but this was fun, just like the TV series itself. In fact, you might say this was a 27th episode, which might have been inserted into the series at around the halfway point.

Last updated Saturday, September 13 2008. Created Saturday, September 13 2008.

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