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Title:Kiss×sis OVA
KissXsis OVA
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Notables: Animation - FEEL
Original Concept - BOW Ditama
Keita is living many junior high school boys' dream. He has two older twin step-sisters who compete for his romantic love in so many ecchi ways: good morning kisses and panty flashing. Their parents openly support the sisters' feelings and advances because they are step-siblings and are not related by blood, in fact they even have a bet going as to which sister Keita will accept. Now, if only the sisters were not so popular, because they have asked their little brother to attend their high school where there are certain to be problems.

This manga is a shounen ecchi fest!
  • Older twin sisters? - CHECK
  • Parents approval of relationship? - CHECK
  • ECCHI and Perverted Girls? - CHECK
  • All kinds of fetishes from swimsuits to nurse cosplay - CHECK

Based on the same-name manga series authored by Ditama, whose other manga titles include Mahoromatic and Kibun Kibun. For more infomation see - Wikipedia Entry.

Animation by FEEL.
?? "confirmed" OVA eps
4 "aired" episodes (~24 min)

Also see the reboot of this story in KissXSis (TV).

ANN is reporting that this will be an OAD (original anime on DVD) release that will be included in the 3rd volume of the Manga and will be released on Dec 22nd '08.

ANN is reporting that a 2nd OAD episode has been 'green-lit' and is scheduled for release in May '09.

Read the translated manga online at MangaFox
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Avoid Devil Doll [series:1857#752]
(episodes 0,1 and 2 watched, of which the latter is indeed too much)

Last updated Sunday, November 29 2009. Created Saturday, November 28 2009.
Avoid Stretch [series:1857#628]
(Avoid or Watch-)

(Preview episode and episodes one and part of two watched):

The raunchy, bawdy format that the synopsis suggested made me eager to watch Kiss x Sis, but when I did I found it to be disappointing. Basically, it's not very funny. There is plenty of suggestive behavior but few good jokes to balance it out. If it weren't for the shocking behavior it might easily have gotten an "avoid" rating right off the bat. It is more suggestive than R+V Capu2 but nowhere near as funny. Perhaps because I wasn't laughing much I subconsciously began searching for the attribute of plausibility. This seems a sort of Brady Bunch like family, except that the parents eagerly encourage romance between the children since the girls share absolutely no blood with Keita. The show goes to great lengths to make it clear that brother-sister love is perfectly acceptable in this unusual situation, but if that is so, what's the point of the premise in the first place? The show seemed rather shallow, with poorly developed characters and unlikely behavior. To it's credit, I didn't feel dirty and embarassed after watching episode 0 of Kiss x Sis; the twins seemed more naive/stupid than perverted.

Ugh... episode one, on the other hand, seemed rather sad and sick. It is filled with scandalous, kinky innuendo, aimed at lolicon lovers, and seemed even more suggestive than Queen's Blade. I could hardly believe how shocking it sometimes got. The twins are annoying and the plot is little more than an excuse for pornographic incidents. This is as close to hentai as one can get without crossing the line. Since there's little else to the show, I wouldn't want my name to be on the list of those preordering the next episode. Casually watching fansubs is one thing, but being willing to pay a sizeable fee for a show such as this is something else.

UGH!! I think I've learned my lesson: KissxSis is a messed-up show designed for messed-up people. This became clear when the sisters used their need to urinate while in a drunken state to manipulate Keita. They are happy to show off their 'undies to him at any time, but suddenly have a rebirth of shame when the thought of him seeing what's underneath comes to mind--right, that makes sense. The straw that broke the camel's back was seeing one sister's idea of how to drain her tank without leaving the karaoke room she was in. I think I'll quit this episode where I am, and immediately delete it from my computer altogether.

P.S: I did get one laugh out of the use of the term "Morning Wood", which I haven't heard since Beavis & Butt-head!

Last updated Saturday, November 28 2009. Created Wednesday, December 24 2008.
Unevaluated Forbin [series:1857#1573]
Episode 0 watched

Yes Episode 0. It is not the first episode as this scene occurs before the manga starts. Not that I didn't enjoy it but this walks the hentai line very fine.


Last updated Monday, December 22 2008. Created Monday, December 22 2008.
Watch Jan-Chan [series:1857#967]
OMG ...... The manga is ecchi, but the first episode of this anime is downright LEWD!!! (This is the first time that I have ever seen 'boner humor' in an anime series).

But ya can't complain about it, because the description of the series talks about a pair of wild ecchi twins and.... boy.... are these girls perverts ....... At least they are playing into the humor of the series and not the 'porno'....

Well, the mangaka Ditama Bow has a mixed record for his manga series. The Kibun Kibun manga and anime are hentai, while Mahoromatic is only ecchi. This series is somewhere in between the two.

Last updated Wednesday, January 13 2010. Created Sunday, December 21 2008.
Watch 7 7 7 9 Xenoknight [series:1857#2967]
watching now... 5 eps watched...

Ep 5: I nearly forgot about this title since the release dates are simply outrageous. This ep was as borderline as we've come to expect and it ended with the viewer none the wiser. Next ep (months from now) better be balls to the wall.

Ep 4: It's been too long for this OVA between releases, but for it to release during the TV series is a rare surprise (supposed to be suspended until the latter is complete).

As many will agree with, the OVA is 100x better/ecchier than KissXSis (TV). This ep featured some of the most ecchi moments in anime (consisting of yuri incest). Watch at your own risk is all that needs to be said. Great ep...

Ep 3: Another one for the ecchi record books it seems. This ep was much slower in pace than the other two, but on that same token, it was far more daring in content. I was pretty shocked by how far they were allowed to go without crossing that 'line'. Ako and Riko spared no expense to help Keita cheer up as he is worried about exams. The reason for content this time is alcohol (!) which means exactly what it sounds like. All 3 characters get drunk and unbelievable things happen from there. Riko needed help going to the bathroom and forced Keita to do the 'ENTIRE PROCESS' for her, including the wiping part! That wasn't half as crazy as Ako's scene. Under the influence, Ako and Keita basically get to fully display their feelings for each other with nothing to get in their way! Basically, it results in dry-sex and extreme fondling. Almost everything under the sun excluding the final act of no return (if you know what I mean). My jaw hit the ground during that scene as I laughed like there was no tomorrow. It was all good fun as far as I'm concerned. It's not like they feed you this type of stuff everyday anyway. The next ep is set for sometime in the summer season! Most of the fun that comes from this title is waiting to see just how long it takes for each ep to come out and seeing just how far they can go with the actual episode content. With only one ep left, I'm sure this title will surpass itself yet again, though after seeing this ep, I don't think they really can unless they ..... never mind. There is one guy I know who will 'flip the fu%# out when I tell him this ep is out. Ridiculous ep...

Ep 2: OMG...OMG...OMG... That was too much!!! Way too much simulation. So this is what legal hentai looks like. I was dying the entire time!!! I can't hope to describe what I saw in this ep! You have to see it yourself to understand. I'm in tears right now! Holy crap man, that was too far. LOL

The next ep is set for some time in the fall (!), so we won't be seeing this title again for a while. I know it'll be worth the wait regardless...

First Impresion: O.M.G. What in the world am I watching... Is this legal? Can this be called "regular high-level ecchi" or is this... well, never mind as you'll see for yourself within the first 5 minutes. You know something, after all the pain and suffering (good kind of pain and suffering) we've endured with titles like Koi Kaze, all 4 Da Capo seasons, and Shuffle!; It's very strange to see a title that outright encourages incest relationships (regardless of if they are blood-related or not). Besides talking about it being okay to "bang your sister", This ep had me stunned in the first 2 minutes of the episode! I was shocked to see them go that far right in the beginning of the ep like that (though it was just a cheap shot to get the viewer interested). Never have I seen comedy that allowed the "family jewels" to be used like that. I wish I could resist laughing, but it was futile and I was in tears within the first scene of this title! There is some drama in there and it wasn't entirely half-a** either, but you can only take it for what it's worth. This series will be "A Must See"...

Once again, this title is another example of why


Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Tuesday, November 23 2010. Created Sunday, October 05 2008.

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