Batman: Gotham Knight

Title:Batman: Gotham Knight
Batman - O Cavaleiro de Gotham (Portuguese)
Бэтмен: Рыцарь Готэма (Russian)
バットマン ゴッサムナイト (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - BEE TRAIN
Animation - Madhouse
Animation - Production I.G.
Animation - Studio 4°C
From the producers of Batman Begins and The Dark Knight comes an original animated movie chronicling the establishment and progression of Bruce Wayne into Gotham City's legendary caped crusader through 6 standalone episodes:
  1. "Have I Got a Story for You"- The mythos of Batman from the minds of children.
  2. "Crossfire"- The initial distrust and the eventual gaining of it from the perspective of the police.
  3. "Field Test"- The compassion of Batman, even towards his enemies.
  4. "In Darkness Dwells"- Tracking down Killer Croc and The Scarecrow to foil his plot of resurgence amongst the villainous of Gotham.
  5. "Working Through Pain"- A look back at Bruce's training to manage both the physical and psychological pains he would later endure as Batman.
  6. "Deadshot"- A race against the clock to protect Lt. Gordon from a highly-renowned assassin.

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76 minute movie released on July 8, 2008.
An anthology of six animated shorts focused around the DC Comics superhero, Batman, animated by Studio 4C, Madhouse Studios, Production I.G. and Bee Train.
Licensed by Warner Bros. Home Entertainment and DC Comics.

Kevin Conroy, popular for his voice work as Batman in many animated adaptations of the character, voices Batman in all six animated shorts of Gotham Knight.
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Rent 10 10 10 8 7 Ggultra2764 [series:1824#1552]
If you're a Batman fan who wanted to see how the Dark Knight would look in an anime, then this is a decent quick watch for you. This collection of shorts depicts different vignettes depicting Batman in action (Deadshot, Scarecrow and Killer Crock), how others perceive him (a group of kids and a detective not trusting him) and showing him go through uncommon situations (testing a new device whipped up by Lucius, dealing with pain from a gunshot wound). All the shorts are animated by different animation studios and they look very impressive with highly detailed character designs and scenery with dark shades of colors that go well with the setting and crime-ridden mood of the Batman mythos. Animation throughout the shorts were very fluid showing some intense battle scenes and some slick looking camera angles such as the perspective of a bullet being fired during an assassination from Deadshot in his short. This series of animated shorts was made in mind for fans of the Batman series (comics and/or animated adaptations) requiring one to have at least some familiarity with the source material with the appearances of some foes in Batman's rogues gallery and detectives among Gotham City's police department. Otherwise, you might be lost over whatever gets mentioned in this series of shorts featuring the Caped Crusader.

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