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R1 License - Bandai (Defunct)
Helba sends the casts of .hack//SIGN and the video games on a quest to locate her hidden hot springs as a present for buying the video games.

(OAV, 1 episode, 2003)

This OAV is an omake with the fourth episode of .hack//Liminality, released in the fourth hack game for the Playstation 2, .hack//Quarantine. It is not an official part of the .hack storyline continuity.
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Watch 7 5 6 9 6 Ggultra2764 [series:1820#1552]
As you can see right from the start of this OAV, hack//GIFT isn't a conventional watch to those who have played through the hack games and/ or seen .hack//SIGN. The animation style is completely different as all the characters have geometric detail for many of their body parts and look rendered in super-deformity, a style of animation frequently used in comedy anime titles.

Gift isn't a title meant to be taken seriously and the OAV knows it. It pokes fun of a good chunk of the main storylines found throughout hack up to that point, including aspects of the characters, like Bear and Orca looking the same except for colors or Helba breaking the fourth dimension by bringing up that the entire cast are characters in a video game. There is a good amount of screwball comedy to be found in the 30 minutes of this OAV as the characters search for Helba's hot springs. Watch through the closing credits and you will even get a fan service shot of three of the female hack characters bathing in a hot springs (if you crave fan service).

hack Gift makes for a funny treat if you are well-versed in the storylines of hack. If you haven't played the video games or watched .hack//SIGN, then you may get lost over some of the gags portrayed through Gift.

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