もえたん (Japanese)
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Notables: ONOSAKA Masaya
UEDA Yuuji
Nijihara Ink is a high school student with a number of problems. Besides being very small in a size and being continuously teased for behaving like an elementary student, she also has a big crush on one of her fellow classmates. And then everything changes. The sudden appearance of a magical talking duck, who offers her a magical cellphone which allows her to transform into a magical-teacher-girl and gives her the opportunity to help her precious Nao-san out with his Engrish (wiki) studies.

Based on a series of English language study books published by SansaiBooks in Japan.

Moetan, a super vocabulary handbook is now enchanted to animation!!

There was originally supposed to be 12 TV Episodes, but episode six ("The First Date") was considered too scandalous and was not aired on Japanese TV. Instead, an "episode 5.5", a summary of the series up to that point, was hurriedly assembled to replace it. However, episode six was available on Japanese DVDs and has been released as a western fansub.

Animation by Actus.
Aired July '07 through Sept '07.
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:1638#628]
(Eleven episodes watched):

This one's definitely going to be good! Knowing that this show was going to be less than serious, the opening scene of magician Arks Sheldart Elbyas on trial was fun all by itself--the perfect stereotype, to introduce this guy. Characters seemed to be drawn in styles borrowed from all over the world of anime. I was grinning throughout the episode--somehow this show has that effect on you. And then, out of nowhere, Elbyas announces Ink-chan's new role as a Magical Girl--that cracked me up. The transformation sequence caused a flashback to Mahou Shoujo Pretty Sammy (TV); the two series have a lot in common, but this one will clearly be quite risque whereas Sammy was very restrained. Another new series which might well go hand-in-hand with this one would be Nanatsuiro Drops. Ink's method of flying was good, too. Moetan is looking good; this will be one of the new Summer 2007 series of which I most eagerly await new episodes.

...except that after five episodes, the fansubbers seem to have abandoned this project, which is a shame.

Fortunately, a new team has taken up the project. As the series passes the two-thirds mark, my impression of Moetan has shifted to a great premise--a parody of mahou shojo and lolicon--which I just wish had been a little funnier. The jokes don't strike me as particularly above average; they sometimes leave me more confused than amused. Also, I don't detect any longterm plotline, which might or might not be bad news.

No sooner had I said that than episode ten cleverly turns things (relatively) serious, which came as a pleasant surprise. Despite (or because of) this crisis I found this episode to be unusually humorous. I think this was the next-to-last episode, and there will be a postscript episode in the usual goofy mood; if so, that would make this a admirable way of concluding the series, which had seemed to be going nowhere in particular, in a feel good manner.

Episode eleven was fun; the crisis has passed and Ink and Sumi must now cope without magical powers. I loved the skeptical look on Nao's sister's face when Ink showed up pretending to still be a magical girl.

My favorite line:
Elbyas: "You can't (use your magic to) grow, or get smarter, or anything like that."
Ink-chan: "That bothers me!"

Last updated Monday, November 08 2010. Created Saturday, July 14 2007.
Unevaluated chibi [series:1638#2380]
With a name like Moe-tan, it's gotta be cute, right?

Well, it is, but it's also funny, and just a bit perverted. I'd guess it's a parody of mahou shoujo shows, except I'm not sure since I never watch them. But this one is just weird enough that I might make an exception.

Update: After 3 episodes: OMG, give me more! This thing is too silly for words - my favorite of this season.

Last updated Friday, August 17 2007. Created Thursday, July 12 2007.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1638#967]
(First episode watched)

What can one really say about an anime series based on an Engrish study book series written for hard-core Japanese Otakus? Would you be surprised if it is extremely loli? Full of fanservice, ecchi scenes and magic girl action?

While pretending to be a mahou shoujo show, this story is real hoot!

Nijihara Ink is a very small high school student (16-17 years old) who has problems with her friends and fellow classmates who they tease her for behaving like a primary-school student (11 years old), even though she really looks to be even younger. She has a serious crush on Nao, one of her one of her classmates, but has problems confessing her feelings for him. And then one day she encounters a perverted talking magical duck, who gives her a magic-cellphone which allows her to (full-monty) transform into a spandex-clad magical-teacher girl Pastel Ink. This disguise allows her to fly over to Noa’s house and sneak into his bedroom to help him with his Engrish studies. While there, her companion the pedo-duck happens to find Nao’s stash of porn and ero-figures, which causes a lot of confusion and embarrassment.

This is a strange and perverted series. While this series might not make the top ten favorite anime list, it has all the ear-marks of a true cult classic (like the Rocky Horror Picture Show, Bokusatsu Tenshi Dokuro-chan or Rizelmine ).

I could find myself following this series, if only to see just how outrageous it will get.

(I posted some images of the first episode)

Last updated Wednesday, July 11 2007. Created Wednesday, July 11 2007.

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