Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula SAGA

Title:Shinseiki GPX Cyber Formula SAGA
Future GPX Cyber Formula SAGA
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Notables: Animation - SUNRISE
Hayato is back, but how can he recapture past glory? Maybe it is time for a new machine...
[8 episodes; 28min]
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Buy 9 9 10 9 8 9 Big Fire [series:1548#2441]
Well what do we have here? Another Cyber Formula Story...In the beginning, we find hayato is still not the champion...What up with that? It has been 3 seasons since hayato was world champion...How can our hero and main character of the story lose? Well he does...That is what is cool about cyber formula...Hayato is human...Maybe it is time to upgrade cars? Saga takes us through another two seasons though, so we can see if Hayato can get is act together...But first, he has got to beat all his fellow competitors, and a new machine...What can a machine with ai do that hayato's cannot? Can Hayato overcome countless odds? You will have to watch to find out...

Couple of things I liked about the story...Bleed Kaga...That guy is just cool with his green and orange hair...only in anime...Hayato gets a new car is that cool or what? about time...Fan Serivce?!?! in Cyber Formula??? ok, so it was only 1 episode, but Asuka is of age now, so wwooo hhooo :-P...but seriously...Introducing the AI based cyber car was a good way to keep this series going...also...sheesh Hayato hasn't won in like what up with that? Could not end the cyber formula saga without him winning...can we? All in all, cyber formula keeps rolling along...good characters that you have grown to know...and new ones that get introduced...go hand in hand...Good Story...Good plot for a race car saga...In the end, I liked the story...I am glad Asurada got pumped up well as seeing Hayato's skills improve...Highly recommended for all race fans!!!

NOTE: The available fansub is pretty poor, so you will have to be familiar with most of the characters before you watch this...

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