結界師 (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - SUNRISE
HOSHI Souichiro
R1 License - Viz Media (Shopro)
YOSHINO Hiroyuki
The 14-year-old Sumikawa Yoshimori is struggling at both being a high school student and a direct descendant of the Kekkaishi, renown for being a clan of exterminators of monsters. He is the leading candidate for being named the heir of the family, but so is his next-door neighbor, his childhood friend and rival Yumikura Tokine. And although Tokine might be a girl, she is a few years older than him, a perfect student, very cute and a very strong fighter. The only way that Yoshimori can live up to his grandfather’s expectations is to prove himself to be fearless, skilled and somehow exceed Tokine!

52 TV Episodes
Animation by Sunrise
Series first aired in Oct 2006

1:25min Series Opening - YouTube Video
"結界" (kekkai) = "barrier" (often spiritual or magical); "師" (shi) = "teacher, master, one's mentor"
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01, 02
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Watch 10 10 10 10 10 10 Violet D [series:1473#1393]
A delightful one to watch on Adult Swim. I'm glad they added it to their Saturday Anime night. This one is a must see and the little romance that is going on between the girl and Kekkaishi keeps things moving along nicely. Another favorite I like to watch. But lets be honest I like them all.This episode ended with the Demon being captured and they don't kill it but it starts to come back really small.I love this one and never get tired of watching it. A cake maker and a Demon slayer and a love for the girl next door. I love it all and you will to. Don't miss this one. Only Anime could make this happen. Well big brother was visiting for awhile but now he is going back. In the mean time there is another guy lurking around but they have n't said who he is. Just have to wait until next Saturday. I have watched this everytime it is on Adult Swim I love the theme and the episodes. The characters are a delight to watch and funny. Now some monsters are comming over to Yoshimoris' side and are wearing human skin. I can hardly wait to watch this Saturday. You can catch it on Adult Swim. I never miss it and now Yoshimori is having to battle monsters to keep everyone safe.So the battle goes on. so Tokine and Gine the Iokashi are helping rid of monsters. I'm sad to say this ened on Adult Swim last weekend. I hope you got a chance to watch it, because it was funny and heart warming.

Last updated Monday, June 27 2011. Created Tuesday, June 15 2010.
Buy 8 8 7 8 9 9 Dreamer [series:1473#2279]
This series is one of the very few anime I've seen that had a plot that drew you in completely. From almost the beginning to the end, it held you in it's grip while you watched the story unfold.

Art, Animation & Character Design
The art and animation is pretty good, probably better than many out there. Animation is pretty smooth with a decent framerate. As for the character designs... mmmm, not really that interesting. Actually, I'd say some of the character designs are somewhat crappy. Our protagonist, "Yashimori" isn't that great looking.... sorta reminds me of a weasel... don't know why either. However, they're not "so" bad that it takes away from the anime. In fact, after a few episodes, it's not even noticable really. Now some of the bad guys were pretty cool... and ruthless. Sakon is probably one of my fav henchmens. Throughout this series, characters are introduced left and right and at times it's difficult to keep track of everyone. With that said, most don't get a background and very few are explored to any extend. One of the more interesting character explorations is in episode 47, between Matsudo (the old man with glasses) and the "not-so" antagonist, Shiranuma (Byaku). Here it explains how they are connected and for what reasons they are doing what they do. At this point, they are at a stand off, about to settle the past. Very dramatic and it leads up to a intense battle between the two, if not the best in the whole anime.

Not bad really. Given the fact that I'm pretty tough on the music end, the theme song isn't bad... sort of a grunge-type song..... but given enough listening to and it can get annoying. The ending theme song (one of them), I actually liked.... thus offsetting my typical low score. In fact, it was good enough to pick up the OST just for that song.

Series and Episode Stories
At first, this series started off kinda leart-hearted and not too serious. There were some funny moments watching Toki-baa and Shige-jii bicker and fight all the time. However, as the episodes progressed, it became more serious and the plot was getting more interesting by the moment. I was pretty suprised that one of the more interesting characters (Gen), was killed half way through the series.... which really made it that much more interesting since if the writers were willing to kill off such a character, I figured what other interesting plots will arise. However, one part I didn't care about it was how they dragged on the whole death of Gen for 3 or 4 episodes thereafter. Okay, sure, remember his death, but c'mon, let's not dwell on it episode after episode. As the anime drew to a conclusion, there were some awesome confrontations and battles, and more character's backgrounds were revealed. The ending I thought was somewhat weak. I was expecting the "princess" to do something or there would be a great confrontation, however there was a lack thereof. In the end, you realize that she's "not" that bad afterall.... nor Byaku. I was hoping it would have been a muuuch better ending.... but it was still satisfying.

Overall, awesome series and well worth the hours of sitting and watching it. It's a Buy for sure and I think you'll love every minute of it.

Last updated Saturday, December 06 2008. Created Saturday, December 06 2008.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1473#967]
This appears to be a very fun and silly series. WowoW (the broadcaster of the series) decided to air the first two episodes together, probably to kick-start some interest in this series.

The first episode (24 minutes) tells the story of Yoshimori and Tokine, when he was only 9-years-old and she was 11.

The second episode (24 minutes) skips forward a few years, when both of them are in high school (Yoshimori is 14 and Tokine is 16). While they are both very close, there is certainly a lot of competition between the two. But the high school years are also the time when one begins thinking about girlfriends and boyfriends.

I have posted some images from the RAW release of this series.

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