Top wo Nerae! 2 Gekijouban

Title:Top wo Nerae! 2 Gekijouban
Gunbuster Movie #2
Top wo Nerae! Movie 2
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Even after the use of Earth`s final weapon, the war between mankind and the space monsters still continues to this day...

As the space monsters gain more power and attack Earth, mankind`s last hope rests on a group of children with supernatural powers called "TOPLESS". Armed with their Buster Machines, they form the fighter crew "Fraternity".

Nono, who left her countryside home with dreams of becoming a space force pilot, is a clumsy waitress at a diner near space port. There, she meets Raruku, the best TOPLESS Buster Machine pilot. Nono instantly adores her as her "Oneesama" and together, with their teammates Nicola and Chiko, they fight to retrieve their homeland.

A special "Theater Edition" of the Top wo Nerae! 2 OVA. To be screened together with the Theater Edition of the Top wo Nerae! Movie.

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