Happiness! (TV)

Title:Happiness! (TV)
はぴねす! (Japanese)
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Notables: Animation - Artland
Haruhi Kamisaka is out buying a Valentine's Day chocolate while her friend Anri Hiiragi tries to find out who it is for. See Haruhi is the #1 Mage Trainee and it's all because of a little boy. A long time ago, Haruhi was being bullied by a bunch of boys and another boy showed up and with a magic fireball he scared off the other boys. She then vowed on that day to become a mage. Later she found out from a fortune teller that she will give that same boy a chocolate on Valentine's day. So every year she buys a chocolate hoping that this year is the year she meets that boy. (She has a closetful of old ungiven chocolates).

On Valentine's day Anri finally locks Haruhi in a room and demands to know who the chocolate is for. When Haruhi refuses, Anri launches an explosive disk at her (some friend!) and instead the disk leaves the gym and nearly kills a boy (Yuuma Kohinata) and his friends (Jun and Hachibe). Seeing that Jun (A person wearing a female school uniform) looks like Yuuma's girlfriend and since the day was almost over, Haruhi just gives her chocolate to Yuuma as an apology.

Little does she know that Yuuma just MIGHT be the boy from earlier and Jun is really a guy.

12 TV episodes + 2 specials.
Animation by Artland
Series first aired on October 5th '06.

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Watch 7 7 7 6 7 6 Dreamer [series:1445#2279]
This is your typical run of the mill magic anime with the usual school theme. You have cliche characters and a developing love from a girl (Haruhi) who remembers a boy from her childhood. Hmmm, how many times has that been used. The animation wasn't horrible, just marginally okay. The music wasn't my taste and the episodes left me watching the remaining time.

There was no notible characters but possibly one, "Koyuki-senpai". She was somewhat cute & charming. Ibuki-sama had a horrible voice! A mature woman's voice for a tiny little girl, it did not match her appearance nor stature.

If there was anything redeeming, the last 3 episodes started wrapping things up and answered a few unanswered questions. Then I was mildly surprised at a few revelations that made it all worth watching....almost.

Overall.... eh. There are much better magic titles.


Okay, just sat and watched the OVA. Ha, this was better than the whole series! It centers around Jun (the cross dressing guy) who by accident gets hit..... oh wait, I shouldn't spoil it for you guys. Anyhow, it's a good one and worth watching. All your original characters are in there plus a minor cast of Jun's fanclub.

Last updated Sunday, June 08 2008. Created Sunday, June 08 2008.
Unevaluated Forbin [series:1445#1573]
Anaylsis: 2 Fansubs watched
  • Drama : Low
  • Comedy : Med
  • Action : Low
  • SciFi : High
  • Ecchi : None
For such a company called Artland, they really SUCK at ART! The animation is low quality and while better than say Shuffle!, the storyline does mask it pretty well. And the OP music is rather catchy.

I removed Harem and added Gender Bender because so far we don't have a harem going on after 2 episodes. There might be 5 girls (5th not introduced yet) but honestly Anri doesn't have a CHANCE of getting Yuuma so far.

Last updated Tuesday, November 07 2006. Created Tuesday, November 07 2006.

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