Kirarin Revolution

Title:Kirarin Revolution
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Notables: HOSHI Souichiro
IKEDA Chigusa
Kirari Tsukishima is a beautiful, 14-year-old girl whose only interest is food. This changes, however, after she encounters and falls in love with Seiji Hiwatari of SHIPS, a popular idol group. In order to be with him, she aspires to be an idol. With the help of SHIPS - the gentle Seiji and the bad-mouth Hiroto Kazama – as well as her cat mascot Na-san, her family and her friends, Kirari pursues the world of idols, where she discovers that being popular is not all fun and games, and that in order to persevere in both her love and her career, she must endure and overcome many hardships and challenges.

Based on An Nakahara`s shoujo manga.

Animation by MediaNet & Others
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Watch 5 3 6 8 7 Shiori [series:1408#3049]
Ok, let's say that I really liked Kirarin Revolution...keyword being "liked." The first two stages were awesome, it talked about Kirarin trying her best to be the best idol and other silly stuff like that....the art was fabulous which was one of the main reasons I stuck with it even though it was so lengthy.

Up to the end of second stage everything was good so I was anticipating the third stage, which turned out to be a horrible wake-up call for me. They switched from 2-d animation to 3d, and to be blunt, it sucks to a horrifying degree. The background and characters are horribly out of proportion, Kirarin and the other characters look like they got a 100 pound weight bonked onto them, and worst of all, they changed the voice actors for two of the main characters, Hiro and Seiji. The current voice actors do NOT match their characters.

All in all, they royally screwed up what would have been one of the most entertaining and beautiful anime.

Would I reccomend watching this? Yes, only up to second stage tho, if you perhaps watched KR, then you might want to stop at the end of second stage (episode 102) unless you want to have a rude wake-up call like me. I stopped watching KR right away, which made me sad because I did enjoy it at first.

Last updated Saturday, November 08 2008. Created Saturday, November 08 2008.
Unevaluated Stretch [series:1408#628]
(Five episodes watched):

I presumed this to be a new 2007 Summer series, but apparently it has in fact been around for awhile. However, since it is just now being fansubbed, it might just as well have been brand new. The SD laden OP sequence was amusing and encouraging; will this be about some teens forming a band? In fact, you could almost say that this is a superdeformed show which once in a while goes into "normal" mode! Kirari's voice sounded familiar, but I couldn't place it. It sounds sort of annoying, actually, like some sort of Japanese equivalent of a southern drawl; but that may have been intentional and anyway it's not a big problem. The first joke of a new comedy series is crucial as the viewer gets a first hint of just how funny the show will be; I was discouraged at first, but soon found myself laughing. This show has a distinct goofiness to it; the characters--especially Kirari--do stupid, predictable things that would ordinarily make you groan, but here they (she) behave in such a tongue-in-cheek manner that I don't mind. In fact, I got a couple of pretty good laughs out of this opening episode, more than average. In spite of how childish and simplistic the premise of this show seemed at first, I'm pleasantly surprised at how funny it can sometimes be.

Another surprise has to do with how long this series ran. I suspected it would be a 13 episode show, being pretty silly and one I'd never heard of, but it kept going beyond that number of episodes... and didn't stop at 26 either! In fact, there seems to be at least 65 episodes of this show. I'm reluctant to commit myself to such a lengthy series which wasn't exactly outstanding, and have quit watching for the time being.

Last updated Tuesday, December 25 2007. Created Sunday, July 08 2007.

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