LOVE Get Chu ~Miracle Seiyuu Hakusho~

Title:LOVE Get Chu ~Miracle Seiyuu Hakusho~
ラブゲッCHU ~ミラクル声優白書~ (Japanese)
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Notables: ENOMOTO Atsuko
There are 50,000 voice actors in this world. However, the ones who will become famous are but a handful. Only those with voices as beautiful as the stars, a light which dazzles people, can grant people their dreams, hopes and passions. This is a story about girls who have the will to become voice actresses...

(25 TV Episodes)
Animation by RADIX
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Unevaluated Stretch [series:1392#628]
(23 episodes watched):

This seems like a silly, moderately amusing romantic comedy, which was apparently derived from a cellphone game. It must have completed it's run in Japan long ago, but only a handful of episodes have been released as fansubs. Some jokes, like Hakusho's ability to shatter glass with the power of her voice, didn't seem all that funny to me; on the other hand, her working briefly in a maid cafe was good. The anime theme has me interested; after REC recently, I wonder if series about VAs are becoming fashionable? Speaking of VAs, I'm surprised to see some pretty renowned actresses played parts here (Mitsuishi Kotono, for one). This is one of those very Japanese series that will probably never be R1 licensed, isn't hilarious, but compensates by being educational--I never knew there was such a thing as amateur video games, or "doujin games", for example. Episode five was fun, and there is a certain charm to this show, which made me look forward to new episodes becoming available. Unfortunately the fansubbers seem to have given up on this one after eight. I'm guessing I would have assigned this either a "watch" or maybe a low "rent".

Holy Crap! That's what I said to myself when I saw that the fansub of episode nine had become available. Maybe this series hasn't been abandoned after all! This is a little known series which has yet to be completely fansubbed. With time, a pattern has developed: every now and then a new group will take notice of it and fansub another group of episodes, but then their enthusiasm wears off and the series is left unfinished yet again. Notice when I first posted my review here. This is a dopey, silly show with little brilliance yet somehow a fun one which I would like to see the rest of. Maybe someday I will.

As I watched the next-to-last episode I noticed a number of amusing visual jokes in the OP sequence. This is a goofy show which takes few things seriously (VA audition on a desert island?).

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