Kujibiki Unbalance (TV)

Title:Kujibiki Unbalance (TV)
Unbalanced Lottery (TV)
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Here, in Rikkyoin High School, all the troubles are solved by the draw of the lot (Kujibiki), and even students are chosen by lots at the entrance exams. This is the story about a one-year battle among the candidates for the next school government leaders, who are also chosen by the lot, in order to gain the position.

Kujibiki Unbalance is originally a "play within a play".

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12 TV Episodes; Animation by GENCO & Ajia-dou
[edit] The ↗Genshiken & ↗Kujibiki Unbalance franchise:

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:1389#628]
(Three episodes watched):

Watching Genshiken II stirred up a lot of interest within me for all related series, including this one (which is clearly the version being watched by the Genshiken II members). The most obvious difference from the OVAs is that Tokino seems much more level-headed now and never mentioned mushrooms. Kujibiki Unbalance is pretty damn funny at times! I like the absurd, insane antics of the cast as they use all sorts of bizarre technology. The "Neko Daisuke" rat exterminating robot in episode two cracked me up. Also fun is the way the characters of Genshiken are voicing the next episode previews. At times the herky-jerky crude way the machines move reminds me of old Warner Brothers cartoons--maybe to remind us that this is an anime within an anime. The unholy relationship between the new president and his sister ("Skinship") is funny, too. I'm not sure whether the religious faith which the present student council has in decisions made by lottery is a joke or not (I hope it is). More later...

Last updated Monday, November 26 2007. Created Tuesday, October 31 2006.
Unevaluated Forbin [series:1389#1573]
Analysis : 4 FS Episodes Watched

  • Drama : Low/Med
  • Comedy : Med
  • Action : None
  • Scifi : Med (Mostly the Treasurer)
  • Ecchi : None (That I know of)
Hmm.... I don't like the look. Tokino went from a Blonde Mushroom Craving girl to a Brown Haired Childhood Friend of Chihiro.

It also looks like the guy who did KoiKoi 7 worked on this as the last girl looks like one of them.

So far it's building the story between Chihiro, Tokino, and Ric-Chan, (Which was shown but never explained the OVA).

PS : I still hate the look.

Last updated Monday, January 08 2007. Created Monday, June 26 2006.

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