Renkin San-kyuu Magical Pokaan

Title:Renkin San-kyuu Magical Pokaan
Magical Pokan
Renkin Sankyu Magical Pokan
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Four princesses travel from the magic world to Earth to learn about the world of the humans and end up living together in a large tree house. As Uma is a witch from the magic kingdom, Pachira is a vampire from the underworld, Liru is a werewolf, and Aiko is an android princess, they are all pretty clueless when it comes to understanding the customs and traditions of humans. But that does not stop them from trying out new things and foods, having wild adventures and looking for cute boys.

12 TV Episodes
+ one OVA episode
Animation by GENCO, Media Factory, Lantis & others
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Rent 8 8 8 8 7 8 Dreamer [series:1371#2279]
Art, Animation and Character Design
The art and animation was done well. Really, it looked on par with many other anime with maybe a slight advantage.... ever so slight. Character designs were pretty good. Even though our 4 main characters looked like your anime girl, they were still enjoyable and had unique personalities.

The OP was interesting and enjoyable. That's pretty rare coming from me. The music through the rest of the anime didn't do anything for me, but it worked for the anime.

Series and Episode Story
Reading the synopsis was more than enough for me to try this anime. The plot sounded "fun" and so I expected some decent amount of humor and awkward moments. That's pretty much what I got out of this series. There's also plenty of ecchi moments but not overdone. The story is simplistic but there's no real character development but this is one of those animes that really don't need it. Usually simple stories are good for heart warming moments, or mindless antics or even silly trivial fun like this anime. It was interesting and fun to watch 4 distinctly different "princesses" trying to understand each other and the world they came across.... all while living up in there make-shift tree house.... hehehe!

Overall, it's a good watch if you want some light and with silliness.

Last updated Saturday, February 21 2009. Created Saturday, February 21 2009.
Watch Jan-Chan [series:1371#967]
Episode #9 has been released by the GIVEMEBLOOD (vampire) fansub group.

Having seen up episode 9, I can only share that is a very silly and light-hearted story of four sweet and clueless princesses causing a lot of ruckus and getting in trouble while having adventures in the human world.

Each episode is broken up into two fifteen-minute chapters, which does not allow for too much depth or detail in each segment.

This series is very cute and innocent, with a lot of fanservice and pansu action. At this point, I would probably rate it as being a <watch+> or a <rent-> type of series.

For a summary of episode one and to see some images - click here.

Last updated Saturday, December 20 2008. Created Thursday, June 08 2006.

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