Renkin San-kyuu Magical Pokaan - 1:

Title:Renkin San-kyuu Magical Pokaan
Each episode is broken up into two fifteen minute stories.

In the first episode, part 1 is about a mad-female-scientist who is able to lure in and capture the vampire, werewolf and android princesses. But as she is a scientist, she is unable to fathom or understand the nature of magic. So it falls upon Uma, the witch princess to use her troublesome magic skills to rescue and free her three good friends.

In part 2 – Uma (the witch) and Aiko (the android) have an unclear understanding about the cute postman who delivers the mail on a red motorbike. Despite their best efforts at building (multiple and even large) mailboxes, they are unable get him to deliver anything to their house. Pachira (the vampire) even tries to stop him and uses her ‘charms’ on him to get his attention, which only succeeds in scaring him away. It somehow falls on Liru (the werewolf) to explain to them how the mail services works…. Someone has to first send you a letter for the mailman to be able to deliver it…

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