Tsuyokiss Cool X Sweet

Title:Tsuyokiss Cool X Sweet
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Notables: ARISHIMA Moyu
FUJITA Yoshinori
KOYASU Takehito
NANJO Yoshino
TOYONAGA Toshiyuki
YABE Masashi
Sunao Konoe has transferred to a new school. Dreaming of being an actor all her life, she is trying to form a new theater/drama club there. But she runs into all kinds of problems, most notably with the arrogant "princess" Kiriya Erika who's a rich family's daughter and undisputed head of the school council (and would have to give her the license to form a new club) and her bunch of friends, plus the "kendo girl" Kurogane Otome who's the discipline enforcer of the school council. And to her surprise Sunao meets her childhood friend Tsushima Leo at this school again who had been the only one to support her with her theater project at school ten years ago while at the same time nicknaming her "radish" (which has a side meaning of "bad actor")... but Sunao is a dedicated girl and will do whatever it takes to form her theater club, with Otome soon beginning to support her. And slowly but surely she earns the respect of those who considered her a mere theater freak at first...

[TV series, 2006, 12 episodes, based on a PS2 game by Princess Soft; animation by Studio Hibari & Trinet Entertainment; fansub started by AnimeU and Serin, then YaMom took over from episode 4 on; the image shows three side characters of the "princess" followers: Kanisawa Kinu (blonde hair), Kurogane Otome (blue hair), and Yashi Nagomi (black hair)]
1:30min Series Opening - YouTube Video
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Kinu, Nago, Erik, Yosh, Otom, Suna, Nori, Mana, 1, 99
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Watch 8 8 7 6 6 7 Dreamer [series:1365#2279]
It seemed interesting at first but then......

Art, Animation and Character Design
The art and animation was plainly average. There's nothing worth noting here. However, it wasn't bad nor was the frame rate low. Just average.

The OP was nothing of interest.... but it wasn't a total turn off. It was "sorta" catchy. As for the rest of the music.... nothing of interest.

Series and Episode Story
Here's a typical story of your typical kind. To be honest, it's the same run-of-the-mill anime with High School theme and a collection of girls each with a unique, if not stereotypical character set. There's a few laughs here and there.... especially with the kawaii, or rather loli-looking Kanisawa. The story doesn't do much in terms of being complex, or anything. About half way through the series, it turns into a harem and then you get a bit of a love plot developing. In the end, I really didn't get much from this one. One thing that really got on my nerves was that stupid talking parrot. Why and where does that thing fit into the anime? And it's voice was horrible!

Overall, it narrowly held my interest. If it wasn't for the antics of Yashi and Kanisawa, I probably would have lost most my interest in it. Move on to greener pastures.

Last updated Friday, February 20 2009. Created Friday, February 20 2009.
Watch 5 5 6 4 4 4 Xenoknight [series:1365#2967]
Standard run-of-the-mill anime. Another waste of an anime. Whatever...

I feel I have no right to tell other people to avoid it as every anime deserves a chance, but as for me, it was a complete waste of time 1000 times over!

Only the last 4-5 episodes out of 12 counted for anything and the story (?!?) was full of slap-stick humor everywhere (if that was intended to make me laugh, then it failed miserably). I giggled twice, smiled here and there, and wanted it to end as quickly as possible.

Fanservice was cleaner than I thought. Don't be fooled by the picture at the top as you will most likely set your bar to high for this borefest like I did. I figured even if it wasn't that ecchi, it would still be amusing but I was dead wrong. There was two yuri scenes, but both of them were like 3 seconds long so it was no big deal. The first one was a ploy to make the viewer interested in the anime as its in episode one (desperate) and the other, the viewer would probably have to rewind to see it again as it was too fast. The fan-service was so clean that it hurt the anime I think. Stories with no story (LOL) needs comedy and fan-service to function and this title lost both of those real quick.

One thing that annoyed me to no end was the frequent commercial-like breaks. Every 30 seconds to a minute the show will get paused with a stupid screen where random characters (here is most of your fanservice by the way) would remind you of what your watching (maybe cause its so boring, they figured they keep you awake with this method). NO... I don't think you understand what I'm saying! I said EVERY 30 seconds to a minute, the show would pause and the random character on the screen will say, "Tsuyokisu". I was so lost for words that I would leave the show, go watch normal TV for an hour and come back to finish that particular episode. I did that 3 times over the course of the anime. It was terrible...

Complete and utter garbage. No thanks...

If you would like to see an anime similar to this one in a whole new light with all the works that you'll never forget, check out Clannad (TV). After seeing that title, you'll forget all about this crap.

Check out my award list to see some of the best anime titles in the world!

Never forget Xenosaga.

Last updated Saturday, February 21 2009. Created Saturday, August 30 2008.
Rent 7 8 8 8 7 8 Devil Doll [series:1365#752]
[Score: 78%]
  • Drama: Med (the final episodes provide even some depressing scenes)
  • Comedy: High (that's what this show is about: Everything can happen!)
  • Action: Low (mostly ruckus, no really competitive fights)
  • SciFi: Low (some superhuman abilities but nothing important)
  • Ecchi: Med (lots of nude loli skin, some yuri fanservice, and lots of oddly shaped daikons)
Starting with an ambitious female transfer student moving to another school and trying to blend in there but pursue her dream at the same time, the first half of this series is a chaotic high-speed school rivalry comedy full of silly ruckus with a strong focus on fanservice (mostly boobs and pantsu shots, but some almost-nude shots of very young girls as well) and very little Story. As such, with all the forced ecchiness, it gets certain downgrades in the relevant categories from me.
Then, slowly but surely the series turns into an interesting, shy romance story with an unusual twist and an exceptionally strong side character - Kurogane Otome, being the cousin of the lead boy and becoming a very good friend of the lead girl. She's the light shining throughout this story, providing a lot of fun and action as well as support for her friends but intolerance against unnecessary weaknesses. Compared to her both leads aren't that interesting, which is a pity. Although there is an awfully large staff of other side Characters, they all fit nicely into this story.
From episode 6 on the childhood friends Sunao and Tsushima become the focus of the story, and we now switch to a kind of harem story - being told by one of the girls involved! We get our fair share of drama here (even though it's that kind of "mountains out of molehills" drama). And the final episodes are everything I could ask for: Touching as well as hilarious, with a number of great surprises, most of which had my laughing out loud! And you'll see how finally all those side characters are necessary to make this series what it is - a story about friendship and "being frank".

In the end this anime turned out to be neither a serious drama nor a great romance, but one of the best anime teenager comedies I've seen to date. And I guess those who are more likely the target group than me will give this series even higher ratings.
A more serious and less ecchi version of the main heroine's story can be found in Clannad (TV).

Last updated Thursday, June 05 2008. Created Monday, July 10 2006.
Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1365#967]
The first episode is available as a fansub collaborative effort of the <AnimeU & Serin> groups.

Last updated Saturday, July 08 2006. Created Saturday, July 08 2006.

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