Nishi no Yoki Majo

Title:Nishi no Yoki Majo
Good Witch of the West
The Good Witch Of The West
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The gifts given to Filiel on the day of the Queen’s Birthday make her head spin. The housekeepers have given her a beautiful dress for the upcoming royal ball and her father has sent her a gem necklace, which her best friend Roux explains is a treasure of her mothers that was kept in safekeeping she had passed away so many years ago. So, for Filiel and her friend Marie, their time at the ball was wondrous. Filiel danced with a handsome young nobleman, who refused to leave her side for entire evening. It was very late in the evening when Filiel was first asked about her necklace. One of the nobles was certain that it is a royal touch-stone, claiming that it looks identical to the one in the picture of the Lady Edyleen, the queen’s sister, who disappeared some fifteen years ago. The nobles ask Filiel how she came to possess this royal heirloom, refuse to accept her explanation and even dares accuse her of theft. It is only when Roux strangely shows up does Filiel come to learn a secret that was hidden from her since birth - that her mother was indeed the missing princess and that Filiel is a blood member of the Royal family. But by the time the true story had been told, it was already to late. The dark forces that had forced her mother to flee her family and driven Filiel’s parents to hide their identity had already noticed her and were on the move. And nothing in Filiel’s life would be the same again.

13 TV episodes
Animation by Geneon Entertainment and others.
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Watch 8 7 7 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:1348#1552]
Good Witch of the West appeared to be a sort of attempt at meshing elements of medieval-fantasy and steampunk in its focus on Firiel Dee being entangles in a complicated conspiracy connected to her learning of her royal lineage and some mysterious research conducted by Firiel's close friend, Roux, that conspirators are seeking out for their personal gain for the throne. While having the potential to explore a rather extraordinary world with a grand story, this series appeared to be a bit too grand for its 13-episode run. The series doesn't take the time to flesh out its world and characters to any great length and it felt like the pacing got quite rushed, especially in later episodes when more about the conspirators and their motives are revealed. Sure Firiel makes for an engaging character with her strong-willed personality. But this series could have been a lot better if it had more episodes devoted to further fleshing out its plot and characters. As it is, Good Witch of the East is otherwise a mediocre romp that many will likely forget about after completing watch of it.

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Watch 9 9 9 9 9 9 Innishfree [series:1348#2295]
I enjoyed this anime series. The series length is just the right amount. The ending doesn't feel rush. The character design is well done. But what caugh my attention was the castles. They were beautifully well drawn. I loved the story thou the best. It starts out like Cindarellia. But it quickly changes. I recommand you watch it for yourself. I watched all 13 episodes. I loved it from start to finish.

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Unevaluated Jan-Chan [series:1348#967]
Filiel Dee lives a simple life with her scholarly father, a student of his named Roux and with Mr & Mrs Holy, the married couple who served as housekeepers. As her mother died when she was young, Filiel grew up in the loving care of the Holy’s and spent her time playing with Roux in the meadows near their village. It was on the day of the Queen’s birthday that Mr & Mrs Holy present Filiel with a formal gown dress to wear to celebration ball held each year at Count Ralgo’s Manor House. Filiel is surprised when Roux presents her with a beautiful blue-stoned necklace, a treasure of her mothers and an heirloom that her father is now passing on to her. As Roux refuses to attend the ball, despite all of Filiel’s pleas and requests, she attends the event with her best fiend, Marie. And the ball was a wonderful dream. A handsome Lord (Eusis Roland) spends the evening dancing with her, and when they are not dancing, he and his best friend, the Barron Lot Chrisbard keep her company and flirt with her. And later that evening, when Eusis’s younger sister, the lady of Roland, appears - does Filiel get asked about her distinctive necklace. Eusis’s sister is certain that it is a Queen’s touch-stone, a royal treasure carried by Edyleen, the Queen’s sister, last seen some fifteen years ago before Edyleen’s sudden unexplained disappearance. The two young nobles ask Filiel how she came to possess the treasure, and not accepting her explanation, they even go so far as to accuse her of theft. It is only later when Roux strangely appears at the Manor does Filiel find out that her mother was indeed the Princess Edyleen and she is of noble blood. But it already too late, the dark influences that caused her mother to flee from her family, have taken notice of Filiel and begin to move …..

Arriving at home later night, Filiel and Roux are surprised to find that her father has secretly slipped away, and the Holys are burning all of his treasured books. Mr Holy tells Filiel that is was her mother’s love of books that forced her to flee her family and that her father’s treasured collection of books are heretical. Roux explains that the king’s ban on any written knowledge is absolute and strongly enforced by the feared Inquiry Service. But it was too late - the house is already being watched and the soldiers of the Inquiry Service had been dispatched……

Having just seen the 3rd episode, I can share that this is a series that does a good spin on Cinderella story, with a bit of the darkness and evil nastiness of the Wizard of Oz mixed in.

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Some snaps of the first episode have been posted.

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