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Desert Punk Rent See Sunabouzu
Good Witch of the West Watch See Nishi no Yoki Majo

Rent The Klein family are perhaps a bit too successful and become the target of the ruling president of the Juno orbital colony in the distant Balkan Star System. The two Klein children return home, to a dark house only to find the bodies of their parents and soldiers waiting for them. When the brothers wake up, they find themselves strapped in a landing-pod headed to a strange unknown green planet. Thor and his twin Rai have been exiled to the hidden planet of Chimera – a planet of carnivorous and poisonous plants – only made more dangerous by competing tribes of criminal exiles – a world of constant struggle where only the strong survive.
Jyu Oh Sei Rent See Juuousei
Jyu-Oh-Sei Rent See Juuousei

Nishi no Yoki Majo
Watch The gifts given to Filiel on the day of the Queen’s Birthday make her head spin. The housekeepers have given her a beautiful dress for the upcoming royal ball and her father has sent her a gem necklace, which her best friend Roux explains is a treasure of her mothers that was kept in safekeeping she had passed away so many years ago. So, for Filiel and her friend Marie, their time at the ball was wondrous. Filiel danced with a handsome young nobleman, who refused to leave her side for entire evening. It was very late in the evening when Filiel was first asked about her necklace. One of the nobles was certain that it is a royal touch-stone, claiming that it looks identical to the one in the picture of the Lady Edyleen, the queen’s sister, who disappeared some fifteen years ago. The nobles ask Filiel how she came to possess this royal heirloom, refuse to accept her explanation and even dares accuse her of theft. It is only when Roux strangely shows up does Filiel come to learn a secret that was hidden from her since birth - that her mother was indeed the missing princess and that Filiel is a blood member of the Royal family. But by the time the true story had been told, it was already to late. The dark forces that had forced her mother to flee her family and driven Filiel’s parents to hide their identity had already noticed her and were on the move. And nothing in Filiel’s life would be the same again.
Planet of the Beast King Rent See Juuousei

Red Garden
Buy New York... girls who find themselves bound together by some cruel fate...conflicts, and feuding over their sense of values...

Rent In a dry desert world lost to it own destruction, which bakes in the sun and freezes at night, where the hollow shells of abandoned buildings stand like tombstones to a forgotten age, humanity still manages to survive by preying on itself. Hidden behind a mask of mystery, Sunabozu manages to eek out a living by taking on those special jobs that are too trivial for the surviving justice system, and too tough for the bounty hunters. And if he could catch that full figured Asajiri Junko, who set him up to fight the entire Kawazu clan and then tricked him out of the bounty, he would be a lot happier. But Sunabozu always finishes any job that he accepts, even if it takes some time.
Sunabozu Rent See Sunabouzu
The Good Witch Of The West Watch See Nishi no Yoki Majo
獣王星 (Japanese) Rent See Juuousei
砂ぼうず Rent See Sunabouzu

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