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Based in France, we first meet up with a young street rat called Gaise who is wrongly inprisoned for a murder which he did not do. In prison he is forced into a harsh life and learns to endure what ever Guildia (the prison warden) tells him.

Will he ever prove his innocence and escape prison, or will he to have endure and accept becoming Guildia's captive pet

2 OVA episodes (released in 2004)
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Watch 7 8 9 4 9 9 duoikari [series:1261#1735]
mmm, what can i say about this? Considering that it was original game you can't really help the violence and the rape. Yes that right, i said rape. Which there is far too much of in this prison, but you do feel a great sympathy towards Gaise though, being raped by so many people as soon as he gets in the prison.

But still!, it is a great OVA and it is a must see for any yaoi

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