キレパパ (Japanese)
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Chisato is a beautiful 35 year old writer (who looks like 18 really), father of Riju, a cute 15 year old boy. Chisato`s hobby is to drive away all of Riju`s friends because he thinks they want to corrupt his precious child. So he shows his good side to these boys while he poisons the cake he brings them with a smile. However, there is one guy, Shunsuke, who doesnt fall for the tricks. But is Shunsuke really aiming for Riju? Who is that misterious writer Chisato loves so much? and why is Chisato convinced that Riju`s friends want to take advantage of him?

(Summary from The Evil Empire)

?? OVA episodes based on a (pretty hardcore) YAOI manga series with the same name. Released late Jan '08.
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Rent Anonymous #2902 [series:1761#2902]
"Kirepapa" is a yaoi story of "Chisato-san" father/writer. He is a full time father of "Riju-sun" his one and only son. He is extreemly protective and finds countless ways to get rid of riju's "freinds". But he has a problem... "Shunsuke-Kun is one of Riju's freinds, but he does not fall for Chisato's attepts to scare him off. He sticks by Riju even when Shisato tries to poisen him and the other boys that regularly come over to his house. You first start to sense something when Shunsuke and Chisato have a brief and revealing few seconds togeather on the stairs. They are sadly interupted by "Funaba" the perswaysive man who is paid to make shore that all the authors are kept on time with their book handins and chisato is no exception.

The next incounter is when Chisato is warning Shunsuke to stay away from Riju.. this convosation quickly deminishes and turns into their feelings of people. Shunsuke gives little detail to were his heart lies and you get the sense of a deep secret that he does not or even fears of telling people. He does not open up much and you hardly see him portray any feelings what so ever in the first ten minutes of the first episode. Chisato is different he may be in his therties but he looks to be at least eighteen and is showing his anger and love towords different people within the first therty seconds...LOL....
Towards the twenty minute mark something of grate interest happens and we are plunged into a romanti/ Secretive/ sudductive world of these two men, their lives are connected and only one of them knows is. While the other one comes to his final conclution fealings of love and hatred fly. A knew charicter "Kanzaki-senpai" is introduced that cause a nice little stir in the coldren that is alredy bubbling away. We have a lust and desire and a small satifaction...(soon to be large).
In the last five minutes of the first episode we have confetion of the heart out of not two or three but FOUR of the charictors... I know rite who would sea that comming?... and in the final part of episode one we have an explosive amount of hot passionite yaoi love...OMG!
All in all I love this one and although there is only one episode out so far I highly injoyd the mystery and sexual tension of this yaoi.

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