Sex Pistols

Title:Sex Pistols
Love Pistols
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Certain people have evolved from animals other than monkeys, and they can sense each other’s animal souls! Filled with love, romance, and even male pregnancy (?!?!), this boys’ love series is too crazy to be believed...which is why you’ll keep coming back for more!

This Boys Love/Yaoi manga story authored by Tarako Kotobuki is titled 'Sex Pistols' in Japan, and because of licensing issues had to be retitled 'Love Pistols' for the US/R1 Manga release.

R1 Manga licensed by Blu Manga Publishing
For more info on the R1 manga - See Amazon advert.

There is also Casey Brienza's detailed review of the manga at the ANN website.

This story will be animated and released as direct-to-DVD OVAs. ANN is reporting that the first episode will be released in March '10.


[OVA, 2010-2011, 2 episodes, 30 min]
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Rent 7 9 7 7 8 8 lucy-san [series:2019#2510]
Omg! i can't believe no one has written a review on this awesome manga/OVA!!

every few chapters in the manga, introduces new characters that so happen to have a link to the main characters. The mangaka did a good job of telling a story based in our world but with a slight twist. (yes this does include pregnant men..) dont be turned off by that! at first it put me off from reading the manga for a while but after reading so many other peoples comments, i gave it a chance. OMG! i could of slapped myself! WHY OH WHY did i cast it aside?! but i'm glad i read it! (better late then never!)and i couldn't have been more excited when i heard that they were going to make 2 OVA's!

My favorite couple is yonekuni and shiro which im lucky enough to be able to watch the OVA adaption specifically dedicated to their story! YAY! :D (and i have to say, the OVA was beautifully drawn and executed).

I gave this series a rent because it is incomplete :( it's been so many years now and still no updates. OVA wise a rent as well, because you would have to read the manga first in order to understand the OVA.

overall, i think this is a great series and anyone interested in yaoi, THIS IS A MUST READ! i highly recommend it!

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