Sensitive Pornograph

Title:Sensitive Pornograph
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The first is a love story about a couple of manga artists, Yamada Seiji (22) and Hanasaki Sono (32). Seiji is a shonen manga artist who meets Sono on day and has drink with him, as they become lovers, Seiji is told that Sono will sleep with anyone who ask him.

The second story is of Aki and Ueno. Ueno is working as a pet sitter and goes around to sit a rabbit called Aki, but the rabbit never existed and he finds Aki tied up in the closet.

This OVA is a very Yaoi (Wiki) or boy-on-boy type of anime.
Animation by Phoenix Entertainment.
One (28min) OVA episode.

1:49min AMV Promo - YouTube Video
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Buy 9 8 10 4 6 7 duoikari [series:1259#1735]
What can i say the title says it all really, nice if your a big fan of yaoi and enjoyed OVA such as Baku no sexual harrassment, but not for the faint hearted you just like their shounen Ai. The story is the worst thing about it, it's just the same old same old oneshot that you read too many times.

Out of the too couples i think Aki Ueno are the best simply for the situation that Ueno is put in the way he reacts to it.

All in all i would buy it though, just don't get your hopes up for the type of plot that you will see in fake or sukisyo

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