Milk Junkies

Title:Milk Junkies
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The death of his mother so many years ago struck young Wataru very hard. At school and on the playground he was known as a crybaby, but the older Fusono sisters were there to look after him and comforted him during this difficult time. A number of years have passed, and at a time when Wataru’s father has been called away due to work issues, he arranges for his son to move into an apartment next door to the (whom he calls “biggo-titty’) Fusono sisters. He asks a favor of them to look after his son again and help him while he has to be away. While Wataru is not the ‘little boy’ that he was, he is still very shy, but he has grown enough to become very aware of girls. And if having the very cute Fusono sisters look after him were not distracting enough, it turns out that the older sister, Fumie, is one of his teachers at school, and then the other sister, Tomoka, offers to help him with his studies at home.

4 OVA episodes (released in 2005/06)
Produced by GP Museum, T-Rex

The first two episodes were released under the title of Milk Junkies 1&2, while the sequel episodes 3&4 were released under the title of Boobalicious 1&2.
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Buy 9 9 8 7 8 loplop [series:1213#1797]
Milk Junkies is a Hentai title that is rare these days. I liked all the characters, could believe the story, and got a laugh after watching all of the episodes. In addition, all of the sex in the 2 OVAs is consensual and wanted by all parties involved. Not to mention it is kind of sweet in its own way. It's a story of someone coming of age after being reunited with some of his favorite people from his past with a twist. It seems our friend has become very fascinated with large breasted women and it just so happens that his childhood friends Tomoka and Fumie, who he now lives next door to, are very well endowed in that area. And lo and behold, the feeling is mutual, as we see from the Fusono sisters. This was a nice story to watch although short at only two episodes. However, it left room for follow on OVAs because of how the second episode ended. This is one H-title that I hope to see an uncensored R1 disk fairly soon.

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