Final Fantasy VII - Last Order

Title:Final Fantasy VII - Last Order
Final Fantasy 7 Last Order
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Last Order: Final Fantasy VII is the latest addition to the Compilation of Final Fantasy VII. It is an original animated video that was released with the "Ultimate Edition" of Final Fantasy VII: Advent Children. It contains past events prior to the game Final Fantasy VII and revolves around the event that took place in Nibelheim, involving Zack, Cloud, Tifa and Sephiroth.

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One OVA episode (25min) released in 2005
Produced by Square Enix

Also see (100min movie) - Final Fantasy VII - Advent Children
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Watch 9 7 8 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:1195#1552]
More a companion piece of the Final Fantasy 7 video game franchise, Last Order depicts events in more detail over Zack and Cloud's escape from Shinra and Sephiroth's betrayal in the Nibelheim Incident. Scenery and character designs are vivid in color and nicely detailed, though action scenes are a bit short here since this OVA is only over 20 minutes long. Worth a look if you're a Final Fantasy 7 fan, but don't waste your time if you've yet to play anything from the franchise.

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Buy 10 10 10 kyo [series:1195#2144]
This is a 25 minutes ova, It is based on a scene in the final fantasy 7 game, this basically reveals some Secretes that did not come up on the game. so if your are a final fantasy 7 fan like me you should watch this, if you are not, there isn't reason to but there was a good fighting scenes.

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