Cinderella Boy

Title:Cinderella Boy
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Notables: Original Concept - Monkey Punch
Ranma was thinking about giving up his detective job, at least until one of his cases introduces him to the very beautiful, rich and wild Lela. Lela finds being a detective to be 'very thrilling', so together they opened the R&R detective agency in Kirin town, the world’s capital of crime. One of their cases entangled them with the local mafia and while trying to escape, they have a bad accident. When Ranma wakes up, a week has passed and Lela is nowhere to found. Later that evening, at last stoke of the midnight chime, Lela wakes up only to find a week has past and learns that while Ranma was around earlier, he has suddenly disappeared. What happened after the accident that caused the two of them to be sharing the same body, switching every midnight?

13 TV Episodes (released in 2003)
Produced by AT-X

Fansub only as of Oct 2005
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Watch 7 6 7 5 6 6 Ggultra2764 [series:1187#1552]
Made by Monkey Punch, Cinderella Boy has the premise of our two lead private detectives somehow getting merged into one body following a brutal car chase with a mafia syndicate that they barely survived. The series mixes focus between different cases that the two are investigating and sorting out the mystery behind who was responsible for their bodies becoming one. There is some decent storytelling potential with the focus on the individual cases, particularly with exploring how Ranma and Rella became a duo and some elements of Rella's past. This is also mixed in with Monkey Punch's offerings of over-the-top humor at points and the antics of our main duo as they deal with the criminals they have to contend with and sorting out their unique predicament. The focus on who merged their bodies is a bit more of a muddled mess as this leads focus on characters from the earlier episodes to get shafted and not much time is devoted to further exploring more to the conspiracy that their situation had transpired from. In addition, the visuals to this are a bit on the subpar side, indicating this may have been made in mind on a tight budget. Overall, those who enjoy Monkey Punch's humor with Rupan Sansei made feel at home here. But at least for me, Ranma and Rella don't quite have the same charm as Lupin and Fujiko from the more famous series Monkey Punch is known for.

Last updated Saturday, February 18 2023. Created Saturday, February 18 2023.
Watch Jan-Chan [series:1187#967]
The characters and anime style reminds me soooo much of LUPIN THE 3RD, that I had to laugh, but I am certain that any Lupin fans would REALLY enjoy this series.

Otherwise, this series is just a very simple anime story of a street-tough detective and elegent-chic partner getting caught up in some very strange circumstances in a rough-n-tumble futuristic city.

It is fun as a distraction, but if you like the Lupin Series, if so then this might rate as high as a <rent>.

Last updated Friday, September 25 2009. Created Sunday, October 02 2005.

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