Tenshi no Shippo Chu

Title:Tenshi no Shippo Chu
Angel Tales 2
Angel's Tail 2
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Goro Mutsumi has been living with his 12 angels for a year now. Many things have changed (Goro is a Vet now) and each of his angels have to deal with human bodies that are growing older. The Goddess also has a special announcement for the 4 senior angels (Ran, Tsubasa, Yuki, and Miki) that will change them forever.

The girls from Tenshi no Shippo are back. And older!
7 TV Episodes; Animation by Wonderfarm & Tokyo Kids

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Watch 7 7 7 6 5 4 Levi [series:1046#2317]
Well, I thought this was an alright sequel. Nothing much happens in this, most are just filler episodes apart from the first 2 which had some tension but that part was quickly resolved.

And about the previous reviewer saying there are issues of sex, well there really isn't any cause cause the main protagonist is too much of an kindass wimp to 'bust a move' on any of the girls. Jesus Christ!, one girl is clearly suggesting to him.....but meh. Although there is one ep where a girl goes through puberty but that was handle well.

All in all, I saw the fansub version with these utter crappy omakes or whatever that had plot - that the writers just had to include. They felt really unnecessary not to mention completely stupid.

This is aimmed at kids obviously. The original was better. And the ending felt a letdown, with the little plot there was I thought they of at least given a proper conclusion....maybe room for a sequel?

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Watch Forbin [series:1046#1573]
Drama : Med / High
Comedy : Med
Action : Low
Ecchi : Low
SciFi : Med

For those of you who have seen the 1st Angel Tales this is NOT for children. This touches on what happens when girls grow up, feelings of love and sex, and something happens to a major character.

I honestly didn't like the look of the characters (Ran's too angular and Tsubasa's new hair style sucks) but it still has the other goodness that was Angel Tales.

Just don't show it to your kids, it is a bit mature.

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