Saint Beast - Ikusen no Hiru to Yoru Hen

Title:Saint Beast - Ikusen no Hiru to Yoru Hen
Saint Beast (2005)
セイント・ビースト: 幾千の昼と夜 編
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(Babelfish applied to the summary of the Japanese original site results in: "The encounter and the like of the angel with heavens of the time where rather than before the drama CD series - - six saintly animals being born, it went back times to far former times focusing on the story is drawn. Great it was and could do and age, heavens were the paradise where it is full in light. In everyday life of peace, the angel respected God, in addition God loved the angel and had lived. Were no more than a one person either of going and such an angel. Going and the guy where you finished the crown gratitude system which is the ceremony of growth of the angel, one turned and grew indomitably. That you will look at your own form, in the vicinity of the spring which becomes the saint which faces, the cover り does the destiny encounter.......")
2 OVA Episodes; Animation by Wonderfarm & MADHOUSE.

"幾千" (ikusen) = "thousands of people", "の" (no) = genitive constructor, "昼" (hiru) = "daytime", "と" (to) = "and", "夜" (yoru) = "nighttime", "編" (hen) = "book"/"volume", i. e. "the book of thousands of people's daytime and nighttime"
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