Amagami SS - Kaor: Takamachi Kaoru arc (episodes 5-8)

Title:Amagami SS
Episode:Kaor: Takamachi Kaoru arc (episodes 5-8)
One of Junichi's childhood friends, and is often seen with his other friend Masayoshi. She is unpredictable as she would punch Jun'ichi anytime, but also tease him and bite his ear without warning. She works part-time at a family restaurant to support her single mother, but her family life isn't without issues.

Kaoru needs someone to protect her, so Junichi needs to be his understanding self in order to give his friend what she needs, making her aware there's more than a buddy relation possible. And actually, they end up in bed together, albeit only sleeping next to each other for the time being... but the first move has been made.
Devil Doll:
Tanamachi Kaoru arc ep. 5-8 (Rent-):
  • girl's character: best friend
  • girl's character development: plausible
  • avatar's character: shoulder to lean on
  • avatar's character development: slow
  • story focus: Romance/Coming of Age
  • additional BluRay footage: 80 sec Romance (future plans beyond the story)
The tsundere tomboy - loud, violent, meddlesome, but playful and surprisingly cute at times. So it's not Kaoru's fault that her arc looks weak to me again: Repeating the same bathtub scene for both leads, repeating the same "kiss a weird spot" scene as in the first arc... this is from a game, and it shows. Episode Story suffers from lots of fantasizing again (zettai ryouiki, pantsu, bathing scenes), including some absurd daydreams. The new ED song is soft and more melodic than the rocky one of the first arc.
I like this arc better than Haruka's because it is more down to earth and its development feel less rushed than the first one; they only showed what was necessary to be shown, and the relation was more plausible than the first one. Despite some unnecessary stuff (such as the Judo throw at Kaoru's workplace) and the average music, I upgraded this arc to a minimum "Rent-" after watching some more of this series and the extended Blu-Ray version of episode 8.
Let's hope the other arcs will be more interesting (I bet my money on Ai and Tsukasa, with Rihoko being a potential positive surprise, and expect not much from overly shy Sae). But with no more than 4 episodes for each girl each of the arcs will have a hard time to beat Ajimu.

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