Amagami SS - Tsuk: Ayatsuji Tsukasa arc (episodes 21-24)

Title:Amagami SS
Episode:Tsuk: Ayatsuji Tsukasa arc (episodes 21-24)
Junichi's class representative, a hard worker and willing to take on any task that no one else will. She acts kind and friendly but this is actually a facade that hides the real her who is manipulative and cunning.

Having learned her true nature but being committed to work together, Jun'ichi faces tough times. Which kind of character do we need for this to be plausible? Jun'ichi's depressed self, the variant who's hit so hard by that Christmas date failure two years ago that he still hasn't recovered from this, so that he actually enjoys working away like mad.
Devil Doll:
Ayatsuji Tsukasa arc ep. 21-24 (Rent):
  • girl's character: class rep, manipulative
  • girl's character development: erratic
  • avatar's character: depressed, subservient
  • avatar's character development: strong
  • story focus: romance/drama
  • additional BluRay footage 1: 46 sec [side story] (Tsukasa's festival opening speech)
  • additional BluRay footage 2: 32 sec [side story] (longer scene at the Tea Club's festival stall)
The most interesting story by far; this one is what I was waiting for, and this series ends up in "Rent" territory because of its final arc.
Tsukasa is the most enigmatic character amongst the girls, plus her air-headed sister and the strange relation between these two provide a decent mystery.
Unfortunately it's also the arc where the four episodes limitation hurts the most as Tsukasa has the potential for a romance drama of Suzuka dimensions, and with this implementation too many parts of her remain unresolved (and we'll never know what she's actually thinking except for one scene at her desk in her room during episode 22). The scene where she burned the note book came out of nothing, and even when she tried to "delete" her old self it could still have been an act. A relation growing between these two would require building trust, and Tsukasa being such a great actor should make this a tedious task.
So despite providing the most interesting protagonist, the implementation suffers a bit from this, and this arc finishes in second place for me.

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