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Title Rating Synopsis
Classroom of the Elite Rent See Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e

Gakkou Gurashi!
Rent Yuki Takeya loves her school so much that she does not want to ever leave! Megurigaoka Private High School is a unique and lively place where Yuki enjoys her carefree life as a third-year high school student and member of the School Living Club. The club, consisting of the president Yuuri Wakasa, the athletic Kurumi Ebisuzawa, the mature junior Miki Naoki, the supervising teacher Megumi Sakura, and the club dog Taroumaru, prides itself on making the most of life at school. However, this illusion of endless bliss is just a bubble waiting to be burst because Yuki is unable to perceive what is truly happening around her. In reality, all is not as it seems—the real purpose of the School Living Club is to escape from the shocking and disturbing truth: the girls are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and have barricaded themselves inside the school as the sole survivors.

Kino no Tabi - the Beautiful World- the Animated Series
Watch The story follows the travels of Kino, a young adventurer who rides a talking motorcycle named Hermes. They explore the people and cultures of different places throughout their adventures, spending only three days at each location.

Kuzu no Honkai
Buy Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya have both failed to attract the lover that they had each hoped for. So, they figure they'll date each other for awhile, but they have agreed that this is only temporary and they definitely will not fall in love.
Magical Girl Raising Project Watch See Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku

Mahou Shoujo Ikusei Keikaku
Watch Koyuki has always adored the concept of magical girls and wished she could be one. One day, her dream seems to come true--but as the saying goes, be careful what you wish for, because you might get it.

Ranpo Kitan: Game of Laplace
Watch The story takes place at a certain middle school where several murder cases take place. Kobayashi, a boy who goes to this school, meets genius detective Akechi, who comes to the school to investigate. Kobayashi takes an interest in Akechi and, in spite of his friend Hashiba's worries, he volunteers to be Akechi's assistant.

Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut
Unevaluated Lux, once a Prince of the now-overthrown Arcadian Empire, is recruited as an instructor at the Dragon Knight academy, due to his rare skills and the fact that he's something ever rarer: a male Drag-Knight pilot. He immediately rubs Princess Lisesharte the wrong way (literally, you might say).
School-Live! Rent See Gakkou Gurashi!
Scum's Wish Buy See Kuzu no Honkai
Seven Senses of the Re'Union Rent See Shichisei no Subaru

Shichisei no Subaru
Rent Six years ago Haruto Amo was part of a team of elementary school video gamers, known as 'Subaru', that enjoyed great success within the sword & sorcery MMORPG 'Union'. Union was a demanding game and when a person was 'killed' within it he or she was locked out of it permanently afterwards. At Haruto's urging, Subaru undertook a dangerous quest and his team mate Asahi--who was priceless due to her ability to foresee the future--was killed. Then, almost simultaneously, Asahi died in the real world as well due to heart failure. This was apparently just a strange coincidence, but Haruto felt responsible nevertheless. He didn't touch the game afterwards, but now a couple of friends have begged him into helping them out in Re'Union, the latest incarnation. And, while playing, he makes an amazing discovery: Asahi--or at least her avatar--is alive and well within the game.
Undefeated Bahamut Chronicle Unevaluated See Saijaku Muhai no Bahamut
Welcome to the Classroom of the Elite Rent See Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e

Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e
Rent Koudo Ikusei Senior High School is a prestigious institution, run by the Japanese government, whose graduates are virtually guaranteed admission to college and well paying jobs. A new class of students are amazed by the generous payment, around $1000 per month, which they receive for whatever expenses they may accrue. Discipline is very lax and students may basically do as they please. But, as several of their seniors hint, there's a nasty surprise in store for them.
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