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Title Rating Synopsis
Astra Lost in Space Buy See Kanata no Astra
Classroom of the Elite Rent See Youkoso Jitsuryoku Shijou Shugi no Kyoushitsu e
Classroom of the Elite (Season 2) Rent See Classroom of the Elite II

Classroom of the Elite II
Rent Tokyo Metropolitan Advanced Nurturing High School seems like a paradise, but in reality, it is an extreme meritocracy. In the class of underachievers, Kiyotaka has begun working with Suzune, who seeks to ascend higher. After a survival test on an uninhabited island, they get to enjoy a luxury liner, but a new class-scrambling test will begin.

Fate/Grand Carnival
Watch Fate/Grand Carnival is a Carnival Phantasm style parody involving the various Servant and human characters seen throughout the Fate/ Grand Order mobile game series and anime adaptations.

Gakkou Gurashi!
Rent Yuki Takeya loves her school so much that she does not want to ever leave! Megurigaoka Private High School is a unique and lively place where Yuki enjoys her carefree life as a third-year high school student and member of the School Living Club. The club, consisting of the president Yuuri Wakasa, the athletic Kurumi Ebisuzawa, the mature junior Miki Naoki, the supervising teacher Megumi Sakura, and the club dog Taroumaru, prides itself on making the most of life at school. However, this illusion of endless bliss is just a bubble waiting to be burst because Yuki is unable to perceive what is truly happening around her. In reality, all is not as it seems—the real purpose of the School Living Club is to escape from the shocking and disturbing truth: the girls are in the middle of a zombie apocalypse and have barricaded themselves inside the school as the sole survivors.

Unevaluated Ritsuka played guitar but has lost interest in the instrument. One day, he meets Mafuyu, who is holding a broken guitar. Ritsuka unwillingly starts teaching Mafuyu the guitar, but when he hears Mafuyu's voice, things suddenly begin to change for Ritsuka.

Gyakuten Sekai no Denchi Shoujo
Unevaluated In 2019, a rift to another dimension suddenly opens in the skies above, revealing a "turnabout" alternate world called "Shinkoku Nippon." This parallel version of Japan maintained its militarism and remains stuck in the Showa era. Shinkoku Nippon invades our Japan with its "Genmu" gas weapons and giant humanoid "Garan" weapons. The invaders immediately take over our government and all but conquer Japan. As a result, our Japan never ushers in the Reiwa era. A decade later, our Japan has been revamped as Genkoku Nippon, a puppet state of Shinkoku Nippon. Under harsh censorship, the once thriving manga, anime, idol, and similar sub-cultures have completely died off...or so it seemed.

Hakumei and Mikochi
Rent While Hakumei is cheerful, outgoing and prefers to be outside, Mikochi is more introverted and prefers to stay indoors. These differences will set the tone for their friendship. Riding on insects and birds, creating tools from the forest and living their normal lives, day to day chores can be the biggest adventure in a small world full of wonders.

Idoly Pride
Unevaluated One day Kohei Makino is asked to do a favor for classmate Mana Nagase. She has been identified by the Venus Project, an AI program, as having potential talent as an Idol and is about to undergo an audition at Hoshimi Productions. She's uncomfortable and would like someone she knows to accompany her. Makino agrees, and when Mana is hired he learns that he, too, has been hired as her part-time manager--that was a condition Mana set for signing a contract. Makino oversees Mana's meteoric rise to fame. They never fall in love, but he is absolutely loyal to her. Then, at the verge of complete triumph, Mana is killed in an accident. Makino's new task will be to train a new ten-girl Idol group. He has one major advantage: Mana's ghost occasionally pays him a visit and offers advice.

Jibaku Shounen Hanako-kun
Unevaluated Legend has it that a ghost resides in the third stall of the third-floor girls' bathroom in the old school building. If you knock three times, you can summon the ghost, which will grant wishes though it will demand something in return. Student Nene Yashiro decides to take the risk in order to jumpstart her dormant love life. One would think that since this is a girl's restroom this would likewise be the ghost of a female student, but Nene finds that is not exactly the case.

Kanata no Astra
Buy In the year 2063 trips by high school students to distant planets are commonplace. Each group of 8 students is given a task to perform on the planet as a learning experience. Aries Spring is a recent transfer student who joins seven classmates for a five-day visit to the planet 'McPa'. Their task is handling a ninth person, a ten year old child. But things go very wrong and they find themselves with a somewhat more difficult task: finding their way back to earth from a little known planet 5000 light years away by means of an abandoned spacecraft.

Kino no Tabi - the Beautiful World- the Animated Series
Watch The story follows the travels of Kino, a young adventurer who rides a talking motorcycle named Hermes. They explore the people and cultures of different places throughout their adventures, spending only three days at each location.

Konohana Kitan
Rent Kokohana-tei is a hot spring hotel located in an inn town between our world and the other world, where many people go to visit. The story portrays the lives of fox spirits, who take the form of girls and work at the hotel.

Kuzu no Honkai
Buy Hanabi Yasuraoka and Mugi Awaya have both failed to attract the lover that they had each hoped for. So, they figure they'll date each other for awhile, but they have agreed that this is only temporary and they definitely will not fall in love.
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