Kanata no Astra

Title:Kanata no Astra
Astra Lost in Space
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Notables: Animation - Lerche
HOSOYA Yoshimasa
In the year 2063 trips by high school students to distant planets are commonplace. Each group of 8 students is given a task to perform on the planet as a learning experience. Aries Spring is a recent transfer student who joins seven classmates for a five-day visit to the planet 'McPa'. Their task is handling a ninth person, a ten year old child. But things go very wrong and they find themselves with a somewhat more difficult task: finding their way back to earth from a little known planet 5000 light years away by means of an abandoned spacecraft.

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Unevaluated Stretch [series:3720#628]
(One episode watched):

I quickly got the impression that this show was going to be more about gadgets (like 'anti-grav shoes') than about plot and characters. The simplistic encounter Aries has with a purse snatcher at the spaceport did not bode well for the show as a whole. When things get serious, and the teens find themselves in a predicament, it became more interesting but still didn't impress me much. Again, it is simplistic--the kids find an abandoned spaceship (and one capable of going beyond the speed of light) conveniently adrift just where they need it; and one of them is an apprentice spaceship pilot, which, needless to say, comes in handy. There is no explanation of the bizarre orb that sent them there, nor is there any sign that it is being kept mysterious for a reason--it just seems that some sort of excuse was needed to place them in trouble, and the viewer is not supposed to ask questions. Basically, I wish more effort had been made to make the whole premise more plausible. Nor do the characters excite me; I still feel that I hardly know main character Aries after the first episode (which was around 45 minutes long). Each person seems to fall into one stereotype or another--the sweet child, the obnoxious loner, the goofy hero, etc. I've got a feeling that character development will not be a high priority. The humor is weak at best; the thought occurred to me at one point that I hadn't even smiled at any point in the first half of the episode. The jokes seem to have been written for the sort of viewer who laughs as easily as possible. Even the background music seemed to be trying to forcefeed us 'coolness'. I suppose I am a little curious whether the teens will manage to make it back to earth--or perhaps I should say exactly how they will make it back to earth (and whether anyone will be lost along the way). But I've got a feeling that the answers won't be all that interesting, the threats they encounter won't be all that exciting, and the characters themselves will never get complex enough for me to worry much about them. Maybe I'll watch another episode, and maybe I won't.

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