Parasite Dolls

Title:Parasite Dolls
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Notables: INOUE Kazuhiko
INOUE Kikuko
R1 License - ADV (Renamed)

Buzz is a member of A.D. Police who along with his male Boomer partner Kimball are investigating why every Friday a Boomer goes crazy. Can a drug affect a Boomer? Can Boomers have emotions?

Then, a Hooker Boomer is suspected in a murder. Michaelson, a female officer assigned to A.D. Police's special division known as Branch, goes undercover (backed up by Buzz and Kimbell) to investigate the world of human and Boomer prostitution.

Finally, Buzz is implicated is a series of explosions in Tokyo. But who really is behind all of this?

[3 OAV episodes]

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Watch 9 9 9 6 5 5 Ggultra2764 [series:964#1552]
Parasite Dolls is a spinoff of the Bubblegum Crisis focused on a secret branch of the AD Police dispatched to combat boomer-related crimes. The three OVA episodes in the series are mostly episodic in their developments with Buzz and Branch trying to sort out whichever boomer-related crime they are investigating. For the most part, the cases are nothing compelling and there isn't much fleshed out to the members of Branch due to Parasite Dolls' episodic story format. What I can give praise to with the series is its visual presentation which is perhaps the best within the Bubblegum Crisis franchise with highly-detailed character designs and nicely animated action sequences whenever Branch members are combating hostile boomers. Otherwise, I'd say Parasite Dolls is something only diehard Bubblegum Crisis fans would likely dabble into.

Last updated Saturday, August 31 2019. Created Saturday, August 31 2019.
Rent 8 8 7 0 7 0 KBanger1 [series:964#1694]
After watching Parasite Dolls, I was rather impressed with what I saw. I was rather apprehensive about watching this movie because of the “Avoid” rating, but I wanted to see it for myself. Nixing the fact that I was bored and curious. I wanted to see it without being biased about it. I’m sort of glad I did watch it because it really wasn’t that bad of an anime.

Being a spin-off of AD Police and Bubblegum Crisis, the story takes place in the future where robots known as “boomers” are used to do various tasks for humans. Some which involves being sex dolls and such. Buzz, a member of the special part of the AD Police known as “Branch” investigates how some of these boomers go “rogue” and why. Alongside him is his partner Kimball (who’s a boomer himself), Michaelson (another partner who has some feelings for Buzz), Angel (a spy), Meyers (a computer hacker), and their captain Takahashi. Within this story lies conspiracy which makes PD different from the AD Police OVA. Just like AD Police, though, PD depends on the AD Police instead of the Saber Knights in Bubblegum Crisis. Although PD and AD Police/Bubblegum Crisis are slightly related, they are two unique and separate entities. One that coincides with Saber Knights and the other which relies on mostly brain power and a colorful group without any serious firepower like the Saber Knights. That’s what really brought this anime to my attention. PD didn’t rely on a superhero group and that’s why I liked PD. It’s almost like AD Police but the fact that it builds on the plot near the end of the movie. Although, some things just pop out of the blue but it was tolerable enough that I watched it from start to finish. There also was a hint of a romantic subplot but had it been nurtured, it probably would have taken away from the main plot. It’s a good thing that it wasn’t straying otherwise I would have given it a lower rating.

Art and animation isn’t stellar, but it doesn’t mean it was horrendous. It’s basically good…that’s it. Some parts of it were hard to look at and made it a bit hard to understand. It wasn’t over the top though so it wasn’t a major hindrance. Characters didn’t really stand out so I wasn’t that impressed. Probably a bit to the boring side but still not bad. Overall, it’s certainly not worthy of buying a copy, but it is worth the rent. If you like cyberpunk animes, you can give this a shot. I’d say first watch AD Police and Bubblegum crisis to get some background info. Then give this a shot. It’s either a love or hate thing if you enjoyed BC and AD Police OVA. For me, it’s more like, “Meh…it could be worse.”

Last updated Sunday, January 18 2009. Created Sunday, January 18 2009.
Avoid 8 8 7 7 3 5 AstroNerdBoy [series:964#436]

Here we have yet another title which sullies the really good Bubblegum Crisis 2040 name. Parasite Dolls is supposed to be a spinoff of A.D. Police, which is supposed to be a prequel to the aformentioned BSG. As is custom, we have A.D. Police as the star and Boomers as the opponent for the most part. Everything is flat and boring and fortunately, there are only three episodes to suffer through.

The first episode quickly revealed that what made the Boomers go mad this time had nothing to do with BSG 2040 but led to a drug investigation. Boy that was a head scratcher at first. Even when all of the answers were given, any desired impact was lost because, well we still don't know the characters. As such, who cares what happens to them good or ill?

A similar thing can be told of the 2nd episode which covered hookers. It could have been an interesting look at emotions in Boomers but instead, we are given some more crap which fails to impact. Again, we still know so little about the main characters that we don't care what happens to them.

The final episode was the worst. It was a pretentious thing done in a highly artsy style. There are a lot of boring conversations and the failed attempt at trying to have a romantic thread between Buzz and Michaelson (started in episode 2) fails to carry. I didn't care if all of the characters died by this point. I couldn't wait to get the DVD out of my player, run a cleaning DVD through it, and get the DVD back to for some other poor sucker to rent. And companies like ADV wonder why sales are down. When you license crap like this, who'd want to buy it or even keep it on their HD if they downloaded it?

Bottom line: skip it and just watch the good Bubblegum Crisis 2040 again.

Last updated Tuesday, February 08 2005. Created Monday, February 07 2005.

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