Tennis no Oujisama

Title:Tennis no Oujisama
Prince of Tennis
Tenisu no Oujisama
Tennis no Ohjisama
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Notables: CHIBA Isshin
OKIAYU Ryoutaro
SUWABE Junichi
SUZUKI Chihiro
Echizen Ryoma, enters Seigaku [junior school] just because of its famous tennis team. He's the first junior student, who's made it into the regulars almost effortlessly, which always awed any new opponent (he gets) to some extent.
Not only does this world resolve around Echizen's tennis, but his character and people around him as well. People like his team: Seigaku, and other Junior High schools against whom he had to play.
[see also:Tennis no Ouji-sama -Zenkoku Taikai]
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Buy 8 8 9 7 8 8 Iceman_Aragorn [series:828#1517]
Alright, listen carefully.

Do you like Tennis? Great! then you'll love this anime. Do you not like Tennis? Great! then you'll love this anime anyways.

I am mostly of the latter category. But there's no way you can't love this anime. I've seen all 175 episodes...though I'll admit I may have skipped one or two of those 4-5 chibi episodes.

The action is good, the story is good, and the characters are unique, all interesting, and all given significant character development.

Kaidoh, 2nd year: dark scary loner, constant rival of Momoshiro. Main Traits: extreme endurance and tenacity. Skills: Snake, Boomerang Snake, Hadoukyuu Boomerang.

Momoshiro, 2nd year: big friendly guy, informal with even freshmen, rival of Kaidoh. Main Traits: monsterous jumping ability and arm strength Skills: Dunk Smash, Jack Knife, Super Momoshiro Great Dunk Special (aka Super Dunk)

Eiji, 3rd year: playful scamp of the bunch, eternally partnered with Oishi Main Traits: incredibly acrobatic..high dexterity and range of motion, low endurance, high recharge rate. Skills: Kikumaru Beam.

Oishi, 3rd year: the 'mother' of the team (and vice-captain). very responsible, patient, and kind. Main Traits: very good at strategy, and waiting for opportunities. Skills: Moon volley. Oishi and Eiji form the most amazing team because they can read each other so well. They are refered to as the "Golden Pair"

Takashi, 3rd year: training to become a sushi chef. becomes completely different when holding a racket. Turns him from mild to "BURRRNING". Main Traits: Extreme passion, very powerful. Skills: Hadoukyuu (two hand version and mroe powerful one hand version)

Fuji, 3rd year: very mysterious. one of very few people Inuoe can't get data on. Almost never shows his full potential. Main Traits: Extremely good at countering. Skills: Higuma Otoshi (returns any smash with precision), Tsubami Gaeshi (a nearly unreturnable shot that skims along the ground), Hakugei (goes straight, then up, then down behind the opponent, finally returning to Fuji), disapearing serve...and potentially many many more.

Inoue, 3rd year: master of Data tennis....he can predict where you are going to hit before you even know yourself. Main Traits: maker of crazy bad health drinks, extraordinarily strong, and super-smart. Only fully uses strength if he turns off his brain. Skills: Data tennis.

Tezuka, 3rd year: Captain of the club. An incredible player all around. Nearly unbeatable. Main Traits: stern demeanor, and a force to be wreackoned with when not injured. Skills: Tezuka Zone (all balls fly straight to him), zero-shiki drop shot (a drop that doesnt bounce at all), and others.

And the star: Echizen Ryoma, 1st year: Incredible potential, eventually the best player on the team. Main Traits: Lateness, apathetic attitude, short. Skills: So so many. twist serve, drive A, drive B, one-foot split step, amidextrousness, and many many others.

Last updated Sunday, November 27 2005. Created Sunday, November 27 2005.
Rent 8 8 8 8 8 Jan-Chan [series:828#967]
Ms Meme-chan turned me on to this series and they are now up to episode 170+ .. OK!! Lets agree that this series has been around for a while, so it does have its collection of die-hard fans.

Ok what about fan service? . No!! Tennis!!
Ecchi? NO!! Tennis!!
Romance? . NOOO!! Tennis!!

This series is just pure TENNIS! .. but it is very entertaining. I might consider this to be a tennis-sports-drama series.. (but it does work very well at this level).

Last updated Monday, June 13 2005. Created Saturday, August 21 2004.
Buy 8 8 9 9 REDMUSEBLUE [series:828#1541]
Art: It's average. But not too bad. It's a very easy to follow art, not too difficult to see the beauty in it.
Character Design: Also pretty average. They don't have the big eyes CLAMP always draw; more like cat eyes. The tennis use isn't also that bad, sometimes a bit repetative. The characters are nicely drawn, although everyone might wonder why all the Junior High students look so adult-ish; that's a minus.
Music: Tenipuri has a wide collection of music, some are still getting released.
The opening themes and ending themes are all Jrock-ish type. Some are very great that you can just listen to it more than 2 times. Famous among the op/ed themes are perhaps the singles Kimura has sung for example "You got game?" or "Make you free".
Another surprising thing about Tenipuri music is that almost all characters [only the ones who get to say a lot in a few episodes] have their own singles, so to say that even the rival players have their own singles. Most of the music tracks are worth buying, especially albums sung by some of the Tenipuri voice actors i.e. Minagawa Junko [Echizen Ryoma's voice actress]
2 groups has been formed in the Seigaku crew: Aozu and Caps to Bin. Aozu's singles are more serious, whereas Caps to Bin's singles can go to downright silly, but happy anyways.
Overall the Tenipuri music ranges from Jpop to Jrock with very good arrangements and mostly, great singing i.e. Okiayu Ryoutarou, Kaida Yuki, Suwabe Junichi etcetera.
Series Story: Basically the anime resolves around Tennis indeed, but as it progresses the characters get more indebt: we get to know about their relationships with each other, family, their daily lives etcetera.
And of course there's this deal with fillers which always serve for great entertainment.
EXTRA notes: This story is pretty addictive. Watching from the very beginning of the episode and then following it religiously. Sometimes the episodes tend to end in a cliffhanger, making one crave for more [that's a good thing, I believe]. If you're one of those people who love watching anime sport where everyone has these _sometimes_ exaggerating special moves with lots and lots of rooting for the character you love most; this is recommended.
The Cast: Some of them are pretty new to me with some known voice actors like Okiayu Ryoutarou, Ishida Akira, Suwabe Junichi, Ueda Yuuji etcetera.
Minagawa Junko plays the main character Echizen Ryoma. In my opinion she does a very good job here; so snarky and sometimes so rude in a cute way.

Last updated Wednesday, August 18 2004. Created Saturday, August 14 2004.

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