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Area 88 (TV)
Rent Shin Kazama is a gifted pilot with a bright future, a beautiful Fiancee and a job with a prestiguous airline until a treacherous act of betrayal rips his world apart and sends him to the barren desert of the war-torn Kingdom of Aslan. He must now use his superior skills to become a cold-blooded aerial killer; and with every kill, he paints a trail of blood in the sky back to the life that was stolen from him. This is Area 88. In the desert the souls of men are either consumed by the fire or reborn from the ashes...

Battle Programmer Shirase
Watch In the shadow world of computer hackers, there are a few names of legend. One of them is BPS (Battle Programmer Shirase) but be warned that if you piss him off, your bank account will go to zero, and the local police will have arrest warrants in your name. And BPS does not work for money... to hire the best, you will need to find those interesting and rare vintage computer parts that money can not buy.

Chou-Gals! Kotobuki Ran
Rent Super GALS! Kotobuki Ran focuses on a teenage girl named Kotobuki Ran. Her father, mother, brother, grandfather and grandmother are police officers. However, she doesn't want to be a policewoman.. after all she just want is to have fun as a 'GAL'. Hanging out in Shibuya with her friends, she always get in some kind of funny trouble. (summary from AnimeNFO)
Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan Watch See Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!

Fight Ippatsu! Juuden-chan!!
Watch Juden-chan is the name given to a group of special girls who use electricity to cheer up suicidal people in an alternate dimension. Plug (our heroine) has a device that can tell her people's level of depression (A being worst, F being happiest). Since they are from a different dimension, she can fly, pass through things, and pull magic plugs out of power pole transformers. Plug tries her best but encounters a boy who can both see and touch her (usually with a baseball bat). Unfortunately for Plug, his sister is her assignment and she has to get past him to 'charge' her up. (Source: ADB)
Gals, Super Gals! Kotobuki Ran Rent See Chou-Gals! Kotobuki Ran
Prince of Tennis Buy See Tennis no Oujisama
R.O.D OVA Buy See Read or Die (OVA)
R.O.D. Buy See Read or Die (OVA)

Read or Die (OVA)

The series opens with an attack upon the White House by a mysterious man of awesome powers. It turns out, though, that what he was really looking for was the Library of Congress! Meanwhile, Tokyo substitute teacher Yomiko Readman is a young woman who cannot stop reading books. She goes into bookstores that have her face on the wall ('Our #1 Customer') While in some exclusive bookstore (Members Only) she finds an original copy of an extremely rare book entitled Immortal Beloved. While reading it a strange man riding a giant grasshopper shows up and steals it! Yomiko gets very angry and spontaneously generates a giant string of paper which she hurls at the mantis, locking it to the ground! Confused, another man walks up to her and says, 'Oh it's you, Agent Paper'.

ROD Buy See Read or Die (OVA)

Scared Rider XechS
Unevaluated The Blue World, a world symbolizing reason, is under attack by fierce creatures known as the Nightfly O'Note sent from the Red World, a world symbolizing instinct. Elected to lead the Blue World, 17-year-old researcher Akira Asagi will take charge of the combat unit “IS”. These six riders, also called the Scared Rider Xechs, will fight at the Ryuukyuu LAG to protect their world and each other.

School Rumble
Buy The petite and quiet Tsukamoto Tenma is in the second year of high school. With a nip of spring in the air, she has developed romantic feelings for a fellow student, Karasuma Ooji-kun, (not that he has a clue.) Having learned that Karasuma will be leaving for another school next year, she has promised herself that she would confess to him, no matter what, and she enlists the assistance of her little sister and friends to help her in her various plots to be alone with her Ooji-kun. But what of the scary motorcycle riding delinquent classmate, Harima-kun? Is it possible that he has fallen hard for Tenma-chan? To what lengths might a lovesick student go too to be with the person they hold most dear?

Shiawase Sou no Okojo-san
Unevaluated Haruka Tsuchiya is a plain and simple university student who has a pet by the name of Okojo-san. Okojo-san was actually born in one of the mountains in the North and brought to one of the pet shops to be sold. Determined to get out of the pet shop, Okojo-san formulated an escape strategy and ended up in the house of Haruka. There are always funny and strange occurances happening around the two, be it the people or animals who are near them. This is a gag anime in which absurdity is the main feature of the story.
Siawase Apartment's Okojo-san (Japanese) Unevaluated See Shiawase Sou no Okojo-san
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